Why MS Dynamics 365 is chosen over Salesforce as CRM software?


Salesforce is the market leader in CRM, Dynamics is not too far behind. Have you ever wondered why MS Dynamics 365 is chosen over Salesforce?

Flexible licensing model

The biggest advantage that you have with Dynamics is its licensing model. This means that if you are a salesperson, then you could grab the licenses that are meant just for sales and if you are someone who is entirely into Customer and Contact Management, then you could get the license specifically for that as well. All that comes for $20 per user which makes it pretty cheap even for small start-ups and that license consists of all the features you need to see!

Compatibility with existing infrastructure and systems-

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions, you wouldn’t have any problems integrating with an existing Outlook client. Other basic programs that we use daily like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint work seamlessly with Dynamics 365. This means that if you have the data and information stored in the Word or Excel, then they can be automatically integrated into the Dynamics CRM.


Are you Looking to Salesforce services?


As a business, What should be your take – Salesforce or Dynamics 365?

That decision entirely depends on what you want and what you are looking for in the software. If you are completely new to the CRM world – Salesforce or Dynamics, then it would be a great idea to study the contracts of both and understand them individually, before making the decision.

The second thing that you need to be clear about is the commitment, Salesforce wants you to commit to them for 2 years to get the best deal. The best thing about Dynamics 365 is its short-term commitment option.

Future : 10 Years down the line-

Both the software choices have their pros and cons, and it basically boils down to the individual customers and how they see them. What we also like about Dynamics is the fact that they have designed it keeping in minds the smaller enterprises, or start-ups.

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