Apttus Max AI Mobile CPQ Services for Enterprises


To be an innovative sales leader, manufacturers have to reinvent the selling experience for their sales teams – right prospect at the right time by applying artificial intelligence to maximize their sales performance.

Using Apttus Intelligent Mobile CPQ with Max AI software, startups and enterprises are experiencing improvements in lead generation, cross-sells/upsells and reduced sales cycle times.

Advanz101 offers Apttus Mobile CPQ with Max AI services for the middle office tier that enables sales reps to interact with CPQ software through a conversational user interface, such as with text or speech with mobile devices and enables buyers and sellers to communicate on the social mobile virtual world.

With Advanz 101’s Max AI services, sales reps can coordinate many aspects of the CPQ process and can be accessed through established channels such as Skype, Slack, and SMS.

With Max AI we can –

  •  Guide sales teams to construct optimized offers
  •  Provide accurate quotes on the go 24×7
  •  Empower channel partners to reorder product via self-service on mobile devices.
  •  Provide actionable insights in context at the moment of maximum revenue impact
  •  Ability to analyze every element of a quote and compare it to the top quotes and deals of a company on the go.
  •  Provide cross-sell and up-sell recommendations for products and services that customers are more likely to purchase.
  •  Help customers to select products and services via  E-Commerce website on mobile devices with an accurate quote.

The results are data-driven product recommendations that make sense for the customer so they are more likely to buy. Our Max AI services deliver the assistance, coaching and prescriptive intelligence necessary to prompt buyers and sellers to take actions that will create the outcomes desired by an enterprise.

Advanz101 is a leading Consulting & Development Partner providing Apttus CPQ AI based services to businesses with a vision of empowering and executing their businesses dreams & strategies in the digital era efficiently and smartly. 

For more information  contact us at info@advanz101.com or call +1408 471 9219.

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