Auto proactive Alerts: A sales person’s field Assistant


Salesforce Automation is considered a key feature of the business process of a company as the benefits, direct and indirect help the business to grow in a longer run. In broader terms, the benefits are Cost Reduction, Improved Operational Efficiency and create competitive advantage. Any Salesforce application will have numerous forms and reports to work on. There are multiple data collection points covering various KPI spreaders across sales and marketing process.

Now, let’s take an example of a mobile phone. As it has a number of features to offer but we end up using some of the important features like Calling, Texting and Internet surfing only while countless other features are hardly used on daily basis.

Like that, an SFA is also built by providing various features that help in achieving multiple benefits, but are we really use those benefits? To overcome this limitation, one of the important features is Automated Alerts Its use can help the salespeople at the right time and right place.

An automated alert is a notification on the working aspects of the sales person that will do two important tasks for him combining both his Future and Past Activities. Firstly, It will give information about any predefined event planned for/by him(Future Activity). Secondly, it wills auto-assist him by pointing his pending tasks for the day/month/quarter (Past Activity). The other type will be the usual information that is important to him in some or the other way.

In this way, the most crucial of the business information is forwarded to him in the quickest way possible without anyone’s manual intervention.

Just Imagine, the sales person having the power of up-to-date data/figures/planning about his working even before he has stepped out in the field. His confidence will be on another level when he will talk to his customers. Even Better will be to make this feature available to him on his own mobile handset. These alerts are customized to Industry specific needs, making the most important information Available to the field person at right time. Defining Industry specific Key Performance Indicators to define alerts makes the Alerts of real use.

Anindustry specific example of FMCG sector will have certain KPI’s like Territory coverage, Productive / passive retailers, Inventory Management, Primary Sales, Secondary Sales, Reporting, Targets/Incentive, and Revenue.



There can be endless customization on these alerts depending upon the company needs. These alerts can be Time Specific, Working Geography Specific, and Hierarchy Specific. As we can assume this will not only improve his productivity but also will keep him motivated to work. Such features, when combined with a state of art Salesforce Automation, can take the organization to a different level.

If you are planning to manage your sales then you land on the right page. Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) Development team will understand your business and will suggest which approach suits to your requirement. For more info call us at +919755633444, 0731-4274230. or feel free to reach us at , we would be happy to answer your questions.

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