Merits of Business Intelligence in Healthcare: Some Powerful Applications


BI or Business Intelligence is the best way to handle loads of data and converting it into Meaningful Information that can be later used for many important insights.

As we all know, over the past few years, Healthcare Industry has seen solid growth, both in terms of technology and an increase in the number of patients. To take care of the increased load, there is a need for a Management System with an approach that is always in tune with the latest trends. Using tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics CRM Support allows for more Efficient Healthcare but considering today’s demanding management roles, you need to have a system that offers you a bit more and this is where the BI fits in perfectly.

If you are looking forward to a much smarter approach, then combining BI with the powers of AI would be the best thing to do but we are going to stick to the advantages of Business Intelligence as for now and will discuss its merit in detail.

In this article, we are going to discuss three of the most significant ways in which Business Intelligence is helping Healthcare Industries with Actionable Information



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Offering Personalized and Detailed Patient Care-

Using Business Intelligence, you will be able to dive deeper into the Patient Data that has been collected over time and this helps to have a close look at the patient’s health history, thus allowing you to offer better medical aid and support. In the past, SuiteCRM Developers used to take the help of a CRM System for the same purpose but now the Sophisticated BI approach has replaced the process, where it offers a much better approach in a lot quicker manner. So how does a BI helps in this regard? Well, first, it allows the Healthcare Professionals to collect loads and loads of Patient Data and using the same, the doctors are able to look and compare the patient’s history with his current medical state. This is really important in cases where the patient is down with a rare disease and the insights from the data enables the doctors to give him the right treatment at the right time.

Another big advantage that BI has on offer is the option to store all the information over the cloud. Unlike the older approach where data was limited to one computer only; this method allows the Healthcare Professionals to have access to the data anywhere in real-time, using which they could get the information on any patient, when and wherever they want it. For example, if a patient has multiple problems and is seeing three doctors at the same time then all of those three doctors can have access to his information and they could compare their data on a real-time basis; ensuring that they collaborate together to give him the best medical treatment.


Management of Claims-

Business Intelligence is also one of the best tools to manage all the claims while keeping a close track of the latest trends surrounding it. While Healthcare Professionals might have tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration and CPQ Cloud for the same but they cannot offer the precession of what the BI has on offer. BI not only helps to claim against the Healthcare Enterprises but it is also of great help to collect and sort all the data that is related to the same. This comes particularly very handy when you have to filter legitimate and illegitimate data and it also helps the enterprises to identify the areas that might pose big risks. It is always good to know where you stand vulnerable so that you will be able to safeguard yourself against future threats on time.

Another area where the BI tremendously helps is to monitor the claims made to the Insurance Companies. As we all know, almost everyone has an insurance claim today and to monitor the claims of hundreds of patients on daily basis can be quite a task, considering the fact that most of the claims are also fraudulent ones and it becomes important to filter the ones that are legitimate. Using BI, you could also negotiate the right price for treatment with Optimized Pricing.

Business Intelligence lets you monitor the claims on a real-time basis using with you could be sure of the right ways. For example, if there is an unsettles claim, waiting to get an approval at the hospital level, then you could get all the details related to it using the help of BI and then track the process to ensure it gets settled on time, helping the patient in need.


Re-Admission in Hospitals-

It might sound confusing at the start that how BI could help in re-admission in the hospitals but allows us to explain it in detail. There are times when you find patients coming in again to the hospital for different treatments and if you don’t already have the data stored, then it might be a new process every time an old patient comes to the hospital. If you are able to keep a close eye on the trends, then the entire process of Re-admission monitoring can be made really simple, depending on the particular demographic.

The process is really simple; the more data you have on the patient; the effective Management Process you will have with the help of BI approach. Business Intelligence is the best way to not only improve the front end medical care but it also a great tool to enhance the overall management process and productivity of Healthcare Enterprises. If you are looking forward to including BI in the Management Process, then a good SugarCRM Reporting solution provider in San Jose will be able to help you out in the regard with the latest tools like SuiteCRM Implementation Services.

BI has come a long way in improving the standards of Healthcare Industry where it has enabled the Doctors and the Management teams alike to improve the efficiency of next level Healthcare for the patients!

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