Customer Experience Management: Getting the best With SugarCRM


The main focus of CRM has always been improving Customer Experience across multiple channels by optimizing internal processes and the satisfaction index. Customer Experience Management, the CXM, on the other hand, focuses more on the problem solving and aims to add more value to the individual client interaction, which results in increased satisfaction index over time with its direct effect in the growth of the business.

CXM plug-in in SugarCRM provides seamless integration between Sugar and the WordPress website that intelligently interacts with the SugarCRM on real-time basis. Best of all, it is compatible with all the Sugar versions that are 7.5 or above. In this article, we are going to highlight the important points of the same.

Customer Tracking At Your Portal-

Customer Experience Management comes with an automated visitor tracking system that allows you to have detailed information on your leads and using the information, you can have access to the complete history details of the website that includes – The Visit Location, Frequency of the Visits, Device Location and Information and The Total Time Spent on the Given Page. All this collectively updates your data with the Behavioural Information which is very important for future product suggestions to the customers.

Automated Customer Leads Better Engagement-

When the user visits your page and clicks at the ‘contact us’ form, the system automatically creates a new lead in the Sugar with all the related user information, including the device used for the browsing and their location. This directly gives your sales team all the data they need to make decisions on how to approach and engage the customer.



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Data from Social Media-

Whenever a customer visits your page and hits the contact tab, Customer Experience Management pulls out the information of the lead’s social media and stores all the relevant data in the Sugar. This means that you get all the public information that has been shared by a potential customer on their Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages; that can be used in the future for comprehensive customer insights.

Real Time Chat-

Real-time chat allows you to have a direct chat with a potential customer when you see him interested in a certain product. This is really important when a client is hot and it gives your salesperson a chance to close the dealt there itself!

Active notifications of Customers-

Whenever a new visitor is on the page, you get notified about his current page location. The notifications also include information on the availability status and directly show you the messages if a customer has sent you any.

History tracking-

If a customer is repeatedly visiting your website, then you can access the information on the pages that he has visited and the products he has viewed. You also have an option to see the complete chat history of a particular client. CXM actively provides all the insights to ensure any possibility of cross-selling never goes neglected.

Customer Experience Management is the best way to acquire the new line of customers and improve your sales by a huge margin within the Sugar Interface. It allows for seamless communication with your customers and offers you a chance to provide them with best-personalized experience.

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