Why to Upgrade Sugar CRM-7.6?


With 7.6, Sugar CRM now  a step ahead in delivering a fantastic user experience.
Let’s take a look at its features-

  • User Friendly UI –SugarCRM’s redesigned data interface makes finding and working with your client data less demanding than any time in recent memory. We’ve consolidated three route bars into a solitary new one, so you’ll invest less energy exploring and additional time working gainfully. There’s additionally another collapsible footer that helpfully shows any incorporated applications.
  • Powerful Search –Discover the data you require quicker with the full content pursuit. In only a couple of keystrokes, you’ll see top results. It’s brisk, it’s extraordinarily helpful, and it even features custom modules and fields.
  • Improved Calendar –Schedule recurring meetings  and change their duration with simple timetable interface. Sync your calendar to email applications with the Sugar Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • Speedier Performance –Features like “customer side asset storing,”decreased “getImage” load times,” and “speedier list view ”  have greatly improved Sugar’s page load times. Everything feels “snappier”.
  • Portable and Versatile –SugarCRM Mobility solutions helps oversee records, opportunities from your iPhone or Android phone. One-touch access from a contact to email, IMs, access to maps improves the usability of Sugar Mobility solutions.
  • IBM Pure Systems-SugarCRM is seamlessly integrated with IBM PureSystems to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution in the market. .

Add-ons and Configuration –

  • D&B for Sugar – Importing different organizations all at once from the Sugar Dashlet.
  • IIS and MSSQL Support – 7.6 will now at the end of the day bolster IIS and MSSQL establishments for on-premise Implementations.

Major Fixed Issues in 7.6 –

  • Mailing PDF records will not result in loss of relationship Data.
  • Emails in Sugar sent on Outlook won’t have additional line spaces.
  • Users can make consecutive calls without lag.
  • Custom values can be added to a drop-down list.

Recently, many of our clients have upgraded to SugarCRM 7.6 and are extremely happy with the new features. We at Advanz101 Business system Inc.  are specialists in SugarCRM. We bring you a network of highly skilled and experienced professionals to help solve your business challenges. We specialize in conceptualization and implementation of  SugarCRM Solutions. We have an experienced and skilled team of resources for SugarCRM Development for any industry vertical.
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