Why Data Visualization with Tableau ?


Visual learning is the best aid at our disposal as human beings and for this we need tools that relate closely with our natural senses to understand the world around us. And to solve the purpose we :

  • We Spend too much time collecting Data
  • We are drowning in Data
  • But we are not driving desired actions from Data
  • Nowadays technology has matured, our use has matured and our needs have evolved. As an Individual or as an organization we need to be
  • Decision Driven
  • Supported by facts and evidence in data

So there is a need to visualize the data and find out meaningful and factual evidences and this leads to the concept of Data Visualization. Data Visualization is a clear portrayal of complex relationships with insight in behaviors and it’s no longer a function of the specialists now.

Why is it Important?

  •  Its quick and fast which is time to value
  •  Empowers business users
  •  Enables self-driven data discovery
  •  IT does what it knows best, you do what you know best

Just imagine what if :

  • We can remove traditionally used reporting services reports and replace it with an elegant way to connect a data visualization tool with reporting services and automatically pass parameters and data between the two?
  • We can  set up data driven alerts which trigger emails and other behavior ?
  • We can we schedule email of a dashboard without a data driven event?
  • We can  get a 3D bar chart or pie chart?

The Answer is Tableau

Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence and data visualization tool which allows you to create visualisations of trends in your data and takes advantage of your natural ability to process data visually, allowing easy identification of trends and outliers.It is very quick to deploy, easy to learn and very spontaneous to use for a customer. It provides functions such as forecasting, trend lines, filtering. It has evolved into one of the fastest and easiest way to share analytics in the cloud.

Why Tableau?

Tableau allows you to discover new insights in minutes via creation of visualisations, reports and also dashboards. Tableau uses a simple drag and drop interface that anyone can use. The advantages of using Tableau includes

  • Tableau has the ability to produce rich and versatile data visualisations.
  • Tableau is equipped with supporting features of Big Data analysis capabilities and processes huge amount of data regardless of the size or complexity.
  • Tableau is compatible for integration with Google BigQuery API and other Big Data platforms like hadoop etc.
  • Tableau supports multiple platforms and mobile devices and comes in various versions like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, tableau Reader etc.

Advanced data visualization services using Tableau helps to gain insights from complex data.  Using Tableau services we can identify opportunities for new growth from our data which includes :

  • Self-service and collaborative BI
  • Visual querying and augmented BI
  • Dynamic data and data in motion
  • Data discovery
  • What-if-modeling
  • Self-learning
  • Big data visualization

Tableau is a market leading data visualization software and enterprise BI software for organizations of all sizes, accessible through a browser or a mobile device. Do you need help finding the right Tableau Consulting Company? Get Instantaneous Business Insight over a quick exploratory call with our Tableau experts and understand Your Data through interactive and engaging visualizations using Tableau software with Advanz101 Business Systems.

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