Focused product its importance and advantages


These days, companies are having many products and they keep introducing new molecules. This results in a wide product range. Now, every company has a long list of doctors who prescribe the products of the company. Just imagine the situation in which our field force is promoting any product to every doctor, will it bring the desired result at most likely, NO. Why?

Let us read following points-

1- Most doctors are specialized in one field or another. Even their patient pattern is specific.
2- For each specialty, The company may have many products / SKU out of which not all are equally important from the company’s point of view.

To handle this situation, it is desirable that we mark a few (as few as two or three) products to all main doctors, based on their specialty and our preference. The following can be added advantages.

1-Focused product means every time our MR visit that doctor, the same products are discussed thus increasing the brand recall value.
2- Most likely, those products will be in line with doctor’s area of interest so the discussion will be of better quality.
3- To ensure better spread, the company may specify a certain set of specific products to one doctor while certain other to another doctor.

This type of marking is not new and many of the successful companies are following the same style. The point is that what type of methodologies we are using to mark them and what type of tracking we are doing to ensure compliance and improve productivity.

I invite the community to contribute further.

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