Importance of distributor's invoices to be monitored at head office level


FMCG Industry and many other related Industries, it is a standard practice to appoint Distributor or C&F and route material through them to the retail outlets. At most other times, there will be a stockiest also in the supply chain. Parallel to this, the field force of company is doing its part of the activity and creating demand at the retailer level. Retailers are also promising to place the orders to stockiest or distributors.
Now any of the followings can happen:-

  • Retailer places the order and supply chain delivers the goods (desired)
  • Retailer avoids placing the order due to multiple reasons.
  • The retailer places the order but Distributor has not dispatched goods due to Short Inventory, bad payment of retailer, the size of order etc.
  • The demand created/projected by field force did not exist in real.
  • Goods being infiltrated from other stockiest.
  • Much more similar reasons.

In today’s world, the issue which cannot be tolerated at all is of Loss in Sales. Many of the above points are faced by each of us operating in Small and Medium enterprise (SME) sector. Almost every distributor in almost every company send a record of his sales in one or other way, but in most of the SME, the record is sent only once in a month and that too in form of copies of invoice or a simple excel sheet.
Food for thought is that does any of that formats help the company to understand above identified secondary sales leakage and improve operational efficiency? The answer is an obvious NO.  But then, what is the solution? Distributor using company’s ERP or billing software is one solution, but in today’s world of distributor catering multiple companies, is it really possible for SME to motivate him to use company’s software? If No, then do we have any alternate?
Advanz101 has understood this problem and have come up with a unique and simple concept of data import from distributors billing system. Such import of data of secondary sales gives a wealth of information for further analysis and improvement of supply chain efficiency.
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