7 Ways Mobile Apps Are drastically Improving Supply Chain Management


Modern Supply Chain Management System is big on mobile app technologies. With the growing advent of the time, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of Supply Chain Management Solutions.It’s crucial for businesses to initiate new ways to consolidate their supply chain and revamp productivity. With the usage of the dedicated mobile apps, the supply chain can be streamlined to a great extent.

Mobile apps help to simplify Supply Chain Management Solutions, enable your business to operate more efficiently, give you more visibility and control over your inventory, and help to reduce your operational costs. Additionally, through a more stable and efficient supply chain, you can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and retention. To stay ahead smartphones, mobile applications and devices are indispensable, a must-have tool for the professionals in operations, logistics and supply chain industry.Tech Savvy supply chain professionals are regulating their business with the latest and extravagant mobile devices and applications which can prove them a leader in the competition. The dedicated mobile apps specially created for this purpose are integrated with the latest technologies and facility to the club with the latest associated devices.

Nowadays Supply chain management for logistics companies has become easier with the GPS-enabled mobile applications. These apps use sensors and mobile devices for tracking the vehicles, truck drivers, and shipments. Also, they provide better visibility into the entire supply chain and its management simply from a handheld device.

All these features of the apps have brought a drastic change in the supply chain management-

  1. Automated Shipping and Tracking: With the assistance of present-day technologies and web-based software, like a transportation management system (TMS), one can abridge the supply process and decrease shipping glitch.  
  2. Integration of Electronic Devices: The integration of electronic devices such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), global position systems (GPS), and data recorders, with the mobile apps has drastically improved efficiency. These devices are an indispensable part of technology which provides numerous advantages to the business proprietor. For example, the use of RFID technology has facilitated the cuisine industry to track inventory and to ensure that products get delivered to their desired destination. Communication through electromagnetic waves via a terminal which interprets the data associated with that product, such as its temperature and expiration date. The data is used for tracking inventory, checking for germs or bacteria, and detecting the product’s contents. GPS has empowered various industries to have a high degree of control and resilience in handling products. GPS can track products with pinpoint precision and provide real-time, in-transit data about the product’s condition and location. With this information, firms can easily adjust to or even avoid a scenario where a necessary input does not arrive as promised or planned. 
  3. In the Warehouse: New mobile app innovations are enabling warehouse managers to connect with the information gathered on the floor. Mobile applications have linked every form of the warehouse together in order to take a smarter decision and doing efficient operations, which is of the absolute importance in the warehouse because imprecise orders or slow attainment times can break a brand. Mobile applications also provide an approach to valuable data at the point of work, which allows companies to utilize the right resource at the right location. Using mobile applications, employees can easily access product information or storage locations as well as keep an eye on warehouse operations.
  4. On the Road: Truck drivers drive for long hours and face lack of sleep, making their job perilous. If manpower managers are unable to monitor them. Mobile technology facilitates the drivers to clock in and out remotely, providing managers with more precise acumen into how long the drivers are actually driving. This prevents driver fatigue, thus minimizes the chances of accidents.
  5. For the Consumer: Highly precise tracking technology lets the consumer know where his package is and when would it to land in his place. This is quite important as consumers’ fortitude can dwindle. That’s why real-time access to tracking packages greatly improves customer satisfaction and is necessary for a brand to succeed.
  6. Mobility in Crunch: Emergency response can be alarmingly revised by implementing the mobile apps technologies. Emergency response team on the field can connect at the right time and provide all the necessary support.
  7. For example, if an executive visiting on customer’s site will be asked to provide immediate information about inventory, availability, delivery, etc. In such cases, executive work gets simplified using mobile applications as they can access data immediately using it and Fulfilling various customer expectation at the same time proves to be a big challenge. As Executives have to respond to their customers from any location at any time. Mobility for Supply chain Industry Executives: respond for the same.  

Mobility solutions have changed the working environment of the supply chain industry. It has improved the working style of the entire supply chain, procurement, and various other departments. By using the mobile apps, the industry has become more productive as they can provide real-time data to their customers. This enhances connection with supplier and sellers and improves the efficiency of employees working in the organization along with high customer satisfaction rate.

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