Get the Selling Edge with A101SFA: Awardee for 2017 Sales Force Automation Software Awards


Advanz 101 is proud to receive the awards given by Finances Online for Sales Force Automation Software (A101SFA), and to be on its listist of popular sales software products. We strive to be a game changer by really understanding the pulse of what our end users want and  when they need it.  A lot of effort and painstaking attention to the most minute detail had come to developing this software, and we are pleased to see that we had met the criteria from such a prestigious review site.


FinancesOnline is one of the leading SaaS review sites and award giving bodies, with a penchant for high-performing, quality and results driven SaaS software providers. After a strenuous review from its panel of B2B experts, A101SFA came out with an 8.0/10 giving it very promising end user experience and overall client satisfaction.


Being versatile and quick on your feet is something that A101SFA is able to help the end users sales teams with. A101SFA’s ability to deliver Actionable Intelligence means that the sales teams are able to access the most relevant information about the products and services offered.  This makes them able to highlight benefits and meet their client’s needs, thus increasing sales proficiency. This very crucial highlight is what garnered A101SFA the 2017 Rising Star award for best sales force automation software. Also, the accessibility of reports and data crucial in managing the sales force is very easily generated through this system, which is a primary reason for it to get the Great Customer Experience Award.

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