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Sales Force Automation Software-A101SFA

Retail companies strive to find and attract new clients, retain existing clients, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. It is a well-established fact that Sales and Marketing costs for most companies are more than double of R&D costs. Field Sales force of any company – SO’s/ MR’s ASM’s and RSMs are the engine that drives the Sales operations. That being the case, it becomes crucial for any company to maximize the productivity of the Field Sales force. Technology can play a huge part in streamlining sales and marketing operations. It can also provide field sales force with the tools to perform their work efficiently.

Similarly, Pharma companies have different types of Doctors based on specialization, Qualification, and class. There are some Focus SKU, some generic SKU both need to be treated differently. Some doctors are covered under CRM or Special Service Request, while for some others there is a special plan for physician’s sample distribution.

A101SFA(Sales Force Automation) is an FMCG/Pharma software for sales that supports Field Sales Staff in performing their day to day activities. Activities can be done from the mobile application which is reflected in the system on a real-time basis. This includes Tour Program (TP), filing Daily Call Reports (DCR), preparing Expense Statements and feeding Stock & Sales Statement (SSS), doing Merchandising Activity. A101SFA also has provision to monitor, CRM activities along with approximate returns. This software for pharma or FMCG software for sales is offered in SaaS and Server edition. In SaaS edition, A101SFA is hosted on the cloud while in server edition it will be hosted on your company’s server/cloud. MR/ SO reporting software is available in standard web application format as well as in a premium format in which it supports Android based Smartphones for DCR/ DSR, Alerts and Location tracking. Details of the options are listed below. Mobile field force reporting software helps sales team in the field to use a lot of features of reporting software.

Item/PlanServer Std
(Web App.)
Std Saas
(Web App.)
Server Premium
Prem Saas
(Web+ Mob.)
DCR (Internet)YesYesYesYes
DCR (Mobile)NONOYesYes
Tour ProgramYesYesYesYes
Auto Expence StatementYesYesYesYes
Secondary Salse Statement (SSS)YesYesYesYes
Merchandising ActivityNONOYesYes
Reports on MobileNONOYesYes
Day Activity BoosterNONOYesYes
BI Dashboards for Field ActivityNONOYesYes
BI Dashboard for Sales AnalysisNONOOptionalOptional
Sales Call CategorisationNONOYesYes
Focus Product ControlYesYesYesYes
Internal MessagingYesYesYesYes
Email SupportYesYesYesYes
Auto AlertYesYesYesYes
Customised Automated AlertsNONOYesYes
Location Tracking**NONOYesYes
Location Specific AlertsNONOYesYes
CustomizationChargeableChargeable10% included10% included
Sample RequisitionNONOYesYes

Daily Sales Report

The DSR design is crisp, modular and to the point. This enables SO’s to fill the required details in DSR with minimal clicks. It has provisions to store Doctor / Retailer Order Booking/ Stockist / Expense and CRM activities. DSRs created by Sales officers can be viewed and approved or rejected by their managers.

Tour Program

Good Planning leads to Good execution. Our Tour program module helps field sales personnel to plan their trips in advance and utilize the month in the most productive way. A tour program module in A101SFA is user-friendly and is interactive between Managers and SO’s/ASM’s. The SO/ASM proposes his Tour Program and it can be viewed and reviewed by his Manager. Moreover, a manager can view Tour Program of all his subordinates and plan the joint working schedule for his Tour Program, automatically. The SO’s Tour Program will reflect the joint working schedule proposed by the manager.

Daily Call Report

The DCR design is crisp, modular and to the point. This enables MRs to fill the required details in DCR with minimal clicks. It has provisions to store Doctor / Chemist / Stockist / Expense and CRM activities. DCRs created by MRs can be viewed and approved or rejected by their managers.

Mobile Report

MRs can fill the DCRs through Mobile field force reporting software. This Mobile field force reporting software can be downloaded on simple GSM and CDMA phones, which are GPRS enabled. No internet connection is needed to feed the information into DCR by Mobile field force reporting software.

Finance & Expense

Expense statements should have provision for capturing Travel Allowance (TA), Daily allowance (DA) and Miscellaneous expense. Travel Allowance is auto-calculated from the Daily call report (DCR) by adding the distances between the stations visited (using Standard Distance Chart between stations) and allowances for distance traveled are allocated as per grade of field sales force. Daily allowances are also allotted for HQ / EX HQ / OUT HQ working as per the company’s policy.

Miscellaneous expenses are fed manually by the field sales force to complete the Expense Statement for any month. The statement can be viewed and approved/disapproved by managers. This FMCG software for sales module ensures all field sales related expenses are in time and in a standard format. This important information can further be used for analysis against secondary sales to judge the.

Stock & Sales Management

Monthly Secondary sales information for each SKU at all stockists is critical for the growth of the any company’s business. Moreover, this information should come well in time. Stock and Sales Statement module addresses these points through its user-friendly and easily navigable interface. For clients who use A101 BI, even primary purchase entries are auto-populated thus increasing accuracy and saving precious time.

The SFA Activities module has provision to record all sales activities performed by Sales Officer. In the case of Pharma, It also has provision to allot secondary sales of any stockist to as per MR’s version with auto audit validation. This helps managers using MR reporting software to closely monitor sales expenses against results and make pro-active sales and marketing decisions.

Automated Alerts

On a day to day basis, the Sales officers are too busy doing sales and often tend to forget important activities related to their work like filing Stock statement, filling DSR, Updating their expense statements or Tour Program. To solve this issue we solve their problem in the best possible manner by sending them automated alerts related to their Sales Tasks. This is in the guidelines with his/her individual Geography and Team. Apart from this there are informational Alerts which remind him or update him with day to day info related to him and his customers. This helps them to be customer ready all the time that too On the go.

SRF Report

Transactional Reports related to SFA are available in our MR Reporting software. In addition to reports, MR Reporting Software’s pre-configured ALERTS are delivered by email and SMS to the field sales team per schedule. These ALERTS inform field sales about the gaps in activities and helps them to recalibrate and fine tune their activities in true Sales Force Automation fashion.