Salesforce Implementation - A must for rapid business growth


You know about Salesforce, but unsure of what benefits it brings to your business? Well, there are many business verticals where the managers have no insight of accurate data and thus face difficulty in predicting accurate revenue, identifying inefficiencies and measuring the performance of employees. This is where Salesforce comes in, a technology with no restriction.


Although there are many reasons to implement Salesforce, Here we enlist top 3 reasons to implement Salesforce for business growth:


1. Increased operational efficiency

Best way to understand this is through field services vertical. Technology as beautifully eased operations and the way customer support is handled. The major challenge for companies had been reporting, scheduling, dispatching and work & order management. Customers too had no insight as to when their problems can be resolved. By implementing Salesforce and customizing it as per business needs; companies can streamline operations and workflow process. All the challenges addressed through a single solution is a long-term value investment.



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2. Improved Sales performance

There are companies which have a CRM in place but the sales executives do not use it. The reason is that believe it is for the team leads to keep an eye on their performance. But, a CRM like Salesforce delivers business intelligence for sales guys assisting in faster deal closure. The CRM provides revenue forecasting data, cash flow management, proposal and invoice management and also track sales incentive so that sales team know their target and are motivated to earn incentives.


3. Automated marketing efforts

The key marketing responsibilities of any business include lead generation, cross-selling and customer retention. For these inbound marketing strategies such as blogging, SEO, email marketing or social media provides a better visibility on ROI and marketing performance. Salesforce allows your sales and marketing team to connect seamlessly and provides a 360degree view on customer approach.

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