SugarCRM integration with Automation Tools - Marketo, Constant Contact, Act-On


Marketing has become an indispensable unit of corporates in this cut throat business environment where approaching millions of people to convey your message is the only way to sustain.

Integrating SugarCRM with Sales and Marketing automation tools stimulate infinite marketing possibilities. The whole contact information of yours will be amended on a routine basis, as often as you specify. As you trail each contact’s activity so as to identify personalized marketing opportunities, your info will be updated simultaneously between platforms. This saves time and keeps your important info ongoing so you can always adequately spot each contact.  

Let’s understand the following sugarCRM Integration tools with sales and Marketing automation tools


SugarCRM Integration with Marketo using SugarCRM Cloud Connector and Scheduler frameworks to strongly integrate Marketo data precisely into SugarCRM. Integration of Marketo with SugarCRM facilitate the user of SugarCRM to employ the marketing automation capabilities of Marketo without the need of manual import and export of data, but through a direct link to an instance of Marketo via available API.

By using the bi-directional synchronization feature, both SugarCRM (Lead and Contact records) and Marketo (Leads), sustain the real-time availability of data. This flawless integration allows for compelling distribution and management of Leads (and Contacts) all through the marketing and sales life-cycle, while ensuring the probity and quality of the data as the activity frequently evolves.

Integrating SugarCRM with Marketo provides notable formatting options for e-mails inclusive of a multi-lingual spell checker. Marketo integration widely improves sales achievement by consolidating marketing processes and delivers a drive that creates more win-ready leads. 


SugarCRM Integration with Constant Contact leads to a unique genre of marketing. Constant Contact offers a software for email marketing which simplifies the creation and management of the email campaigns and abolishes the need of any technical skills.

This integration act as a fuel for the sales and marketing team so as to achieve new ambit of productivity that will elevate business to the next level.

Constant Contact, Creates planned, on-time marketing campaigns by segregating your contacts on basis of SugarCRM custom fields such as the type of client, product interest, or stage of sales cycle. This saves the time, which gets consumed in managing contact data.


SugarCRM Integration with Act-On not only improve database but also intensify global visibility into the leads’ profile, demeanor and synergy history. Automating the essence of email marketing, Act-on streamlines the anarchy of sending bulk email, conducting social media broadcasting and reports creation etc. assimilation of Act-On with SugarCRM has proven itself a big advantage for reaching out qualified leads using marketing automation solution which can be easily embedded into the Sugar UX. Act-On is getting popular among SugarCRM users because of its automated campaigns, lead rack up ability, lead sustenance ability, simplified user interface, and easy integration into SugarCRM etc.

Act-On provides a thoroughly dedicated system for multi-channel lead genesis, administration, and wealth contribution. 

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