Module Adaptation: Getting Rich Features in SugarCRM


The current business scenarios are vast and diverse and no matter which business you are going to look at, it has its own challenges and boasts unique opportunities for people who want to try it. To make any business run smoothly and without any hiccups, it is important that you have a dedicated CRM Management System incorporated in your organization, that not only takes care of your daily business requirements but also ensures that every one of your business needs is been taken care of.

When you have a SugarCRM incorporated in your business, it automatically makes work easy for you. Sugar comes with various modules out of the box like – Contacts, Leads management, and Accounts; that covers up most of the basic requirements of the business and also helps you to customize your workflow.

However, if you are looking forward to adding more working capabilities to your business, then Sugar is a very flexible platform that further allows in-depth customization options. It offers you to customize the Existing Module as per your liking and also lets you create new ones as per your needs.

Here are some of the case module customization options that you have with Sugar for added productivity and profitability.

Fully Adjustable Dashboard-

Sugar is probably the first application of the business that you log-in the morning and get your work started. In order to ensure that everything is set as per your needs and likings, you need to have a dashboard that has been prepped as per your wishes. With Sugar’s Customized Dashboard Layouts, you are able to set up activities and actions; for example, a manager’s dashboard must always have a direct view of Sales, Support and Marketing activities and customization in Sugar gives you just that!


Changeful Fields and Relationships-

When you get Sugar for your business, it comes with default fields that can be used to store relevant information. If you want to add more fields as per the requirements of your business, the Sugar allows you to add up additional fields as well. So suppose, if you have a record that requires you to add up multiple fields, you could easily do the same using the option in Sugar.


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User Defined Workflows-

Workflows are different actions within the Business Management that users can automate to get the work done. An example of it is the automated emails to the sales representative within the workflow, when the status of any lead is changed so that he is notified on time. Using sugar, you have an option to customize and automate several of the workflows and it is really important when you want to deliver the info on time to the departments.

A fully Customized SugarCRM for the business not only adds up fluidity to the management but the Module Customization In Sugar also helps you to take care of several verticals by automating their processes, that helps your enterprise to achieve  High Productivity and growth while streamlining the business process.

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