SuiteCRM Implementation for Gold’s Gym (UAE)

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SuiteCRM Implementation for Gold’s Gym (UAE)

Project Overview

Gold’s Gym, well-known brand across globe. One of its chain in Middle East UAE needed a system which can act as a centralized platform for all its day to day activities and have a track of all. Advanz101, Implemented an CRM Solution i.e, SuiteCRM. CRM was designed in such a manner that have has the capability to track & manage the day to day activities of Gold’s Gym.

Business Challenges

  • No system exists to track down members, payments, registrations etc.
  • All records & data was either on excels or on a work diary
  • No proper communication within internal team as all Information was shared or exchanged within team was by email itself
  • No historical data available of Members, Payments, Registrations, new & old customers etc.
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Proposed Solutions

  • Technology: SuiteCRM, PHP, MySQL
  • Reporting Tool: JasperSoft
  • Team Size: 8
  • Implementation Model: Agile
  • Engagement Model: Onsite/Offshore
  • Implemented SuiteCRM as central platform for day to day activities
  • Integrated SuiteCRM with the Website form to capture Organic leads
  • Integrated SuiteCRM with reporting tool for reports as per criteria defined Roles, Teams & Permissions as hierarchy defined by Gold’s Gym
  • Customized CRM which includes different team hierarchy, payment tracking, historical data, member’s zone & much more


  • Provide 360 view of all club members / contacts & business information.
  • Provide extensive reporting and management capabilities.
  • Provide CRM access to all clubs of Gold’s Gym.
  • Provide a centralized system that can integrate with other systems in the future, bringing in and sharing back data.
  • Easy to use, intuitive, user friendly.
  • Co-working with AAHG internal business teams, hosting infrastructure team and technical team.

Work was performed quickly and efficiently with very prompt and clear communication. I would have no hesitation in using the service again.

RC Koch
Chief Operating Officer
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