Top 10 detailed products is it important to know?


Product detailing is the single most important link between Doctor and a company. The products which are detailed most are also likely to have maximum sales.

Now, please note following relevant points

A. Are we detailing right products on priority?
B. Is our detailing yielding proper results?
C. Is such analysis available right from National to Head Quarter level?

All these points are important to check. Just have a look at the following image. It is showing the list of top 10 most detailed products along with their sampling ratio and sales percentage at the national level:


You can see that in the case of A, Uritch Injection was detailed a maximum time, it had good sampling also but still, it is having very less sell. Whereas, in case B, another product, Atortin Injections has very good detailing to sales ratio. Now, it becomes easy for Product Management team to analyze the difference and look for root cause.

If Marketing/product management team have access to such information handy, then a blend of their creative thinking and the proper analytical tool can bring wonderful improvement in Detailing performance. I request the community to contribute further with such ideas for mutual growth.

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