User Engagement: Tools to Symphonize Banking CRM Solutions


When it comes to building long-lasting customer relationships, User Engagement is the most important thing one should focus upon. Despite serving clients on daily basis and using lines of engagement channels, banks often find it too hard to get the kind of customer satisfaction index they are looking for.

Banking CRM has allowed Synchronized Interactions with customers, where the banks can provide them consistent services that result in high-quality interactions across both online and offline channels. Let’s take a look at the three instruments of Contextual Engagement banks can offer.

Multiple Channels For User Engagement

Thanks to the digitalisation, banking has become more of an internet thing (Laptops, Smartphone, and Tablets) rather than customer’s visiting branches for every individual cash interactions. Despite banks doing their best to provide a seamless experience in online banking, there still remains a gap that needs to be bridged.

Providing an option, where the customers can perform the transaction over one channel and they can continue over the other (for example – Credit application on laptop browser and KYC application on mobile) will unify the overall contextual experience, while seamlessly allowing the CRM platform to perform at its best.

An All-Around Customer Approach

Banks using age-old methods still run on a system that requires some sort of magic to keep it running without the hint of flaws and glitches. Most of the traditional ways run under the impression that if it ain’t broke, don’t replace it; but this doesn’t work every time. This is an age where everything is happening so fast over the digital platform that a holistic 360 Degree Customer Approach is what every banking needs to adopt.

It includes areas like Complete Information of Customers, Their Contacts, Interactions Performed, Preferred Contact Channel, Service Requests, History of Transactions, Escalations, etc. When you have so much of data of individual customers, it becomes really easy for you to serve them with the best, while merging functionalities to create a configurable workflow, that provides every possible service across all the channels.

Integrating the data seamlessly will allow Emails and SMS to be sent through a Centralized Document Management System, where a constant check can be kept on KYC documents, ensuring vital communication with every customer of the bank.

Comprehensive Reach For Sales

Thanks to the help of Contextual Engagement, banks can now offer personalised services to their line of customers that results in higher conversation rates. Integration with Credit Rating Agencies will result in a seamless flow of information that will allow the banks to create instant e-KYC.

Customer satisfaction is almost guaranteed when you are able to give them the services they are looking for and this can only be possible if the leads and opportunities are not lost in the translation and they are immediately followed up on the accurate and timely basis, in a time slot that is allotted to them.

With so much of data at the disposal, using the right strategies with Contextual Engagement is sure to raise Customer Happiness Index, where you will always be one step ahead from the competition while re-aligning yourself to customer’s needs.

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