How to Validate and Calibrate Marketing Automation: Top Tips


If you are in marketing then you must be aware of the importance, Marketing Automation holds and how it can be used to measure and improve performance. Marketing Automation is helpful in areas like Customer Renewals, Purchases of Consumables, Contact Management, List Segmentation, and Reminders for Webinars.

However, you have to ensure that you have perfectly validated the algorithms on a frequent basis for it to work flawlessly. In this article, we are going to highlight three of the top areas that can help you gain better prospects.

Save It for Marketing Executives-

In an organization, senior executives are less responsible for core marketing activities as compared to the marketing executives who are in direct contact with the prospects. Effective Marketing requires coordination and establishment of a feedback loop between sales teams and marketing executives.

Marketing works perfectly when you are able to hit the right spot, where the consumer is looking for the product or services he needs and capturing their attention at that particular moment will help you score enough points.

The marketing executives have more reach in marketing as they work on their leads directly and thus they also have access to the user data like their product history, location, and the type of product they prefer. Having a Multi-Touch Campaign in Automated Marketing will pay you more to reach a wider audience, which would result in more revenue for your company.




Eliminate Larger Organisations from Marketing automation-

If you are targeting a high-end customer base or enterprise customers, then it is highly advisable that you pull them out of Automated Marketing. If you feel that they are going to actively keep a track on automated emails and newsletter that has been sent to them on regular basis, then you are highly mistaken. The best way to reach a high level of customer is through Personal Marketing and this must be done by the managers of the company.

Don’t Make E-Mails the Exclusive Channel-

E-Mails are no doubt one of the best ways of Marketing Automation but depending entirely on the emails will make your sales graph point south in the longer run. You must ensure that online conversations are taking place between you and the client and when it happens, redirect to the relevant content in website, blogs or social media site to highlight our expertise before sending E-Mails about exclusive offers. Connecting with a client on a personal level first is really an important step that a sales rep must take in order to continue through integration and coordination for Prospecting Outreach.

Marketing automation has helped companies to reach out to a lot of potential customers and if you are able to do it in a right way, then you surely can convert poor-quality leads into sales much faster than you could have ever imagined.

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