Salesforce CPQ Solutions for any Industry

Adapt, scale, and change your business forever with Salesforce quote-to-cash solutions (also known as CPQ solutions). For automating your Quote-to-Cash process, understanding what it means is imperative to sales transformation.

CPQ is a sales tool for companies to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. CPQ applications often work in tandem with CRM platforms, ERP programs, and other business technology, which helps ensure integrated data as well as accuracy.”  

- As explained by Salesforce
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Choose ADVANZ101 Salesforce CPQ Solutions to

Automate invoicing and payments process

Process amendments and prorations during acquisitions 

Create quick and accurate quotes and proposals 

Configure the perfect solutions suited to your customer’s needs 

Eliminate errors in proposals, quotes, orders, contracts, and invoices 

Our CPQ Services

  • Salesforce Product, price order configuration and quote generation 
  • Salesforce Data migration of products, price books etc. 
  • Proposal Generator – Proposals integration with DocuSign 
  • Creation and management of Salesforce sales contracts 
  • Electronic signature integration 
  • High level of Invoicing process automation 
  • Subscription Billing management 
  • Payments collection and management  
  • Varied tax systems management 
  • Salesforce CPQ and Billing for Salesforce Communities 

Salesforce CLM Solutions for all Enterprises

Step up CPQ in Salesforce with integrated, enterprise-grade Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions that accelerate sales productivity and expedites sales cycles, generating an exponential increase in revenue.  

Contracts being the most important piece in the sales process need constant reviews and optimal management, this makes the Contract Lifecycle a complex process involving different tasks 

From creation of a contract to managing the post-approval period, which in itself contains a set of different stages viz., administering the contract, enforcing terms, and data reporting – the CLM function gives you complete control over the entire spectrum of the contract management process. 

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Choose ADVANZ101 Salesforce CLM Solutions to

Maintain a centralized contract hub 

Standardize the contract creation process 

Organise smooth changes and edits during negotiations 

Streamline the global processes for each contract type 

Ensure live contract reporting and analysis  

Manage overall contract administration and reduce risk exposure 

Comprehensive Features and Benefits

  • Automated contract creation from Salesforce quotes 
  • Proactive alerting and recommendation for improved renewal rates 
  • Electronic signature and a Terms/Clause library 
  • Automatically import 3rd party agreements 
  • Expansive Template and contract repository 
  • Ensure version control and history through a single repository 
  • Tracking of contract lifecycle processes via meticulous graphics 

Help your team sell more with our Salesforce CPQ & CLM Solutions