Automation Testing Services in USA and Canada

Automation Testing Services in USA and Canada

Testing of software and applications is considered as crucial by companies all over the world. Testing provides validation on software aspects such as performance, functionality, and quality. There are many tasks in a software system, that are labour intensive. It is always advisable to automate such laborious tasks so as to save time and resource. This why it is essential to dwell on reliable automated testing of software solutions or digital services; to enhance speed, performance, effectiveness, and productivity.


In the scenario of demanding customers and changing business needs, the companies look for a sprint to the quality. At Advanz101, our power packed automation testing and performance tools release the software product faster and without compromising the quality. The simple reason for businesses to opt for automated testing is it does not consume time in repeating same tests; in fact, the automated testing observes and analyse past tests and derive comprehensive results & strategies towards the performance of a solution.


At Advanz101, our testing experts ensure timely delivery, improved performance and reduced test cycle time by carrying out test management and test automation engagements for our clients. Our team makes use of world-class automation testing tools and frameworks to successfully implement test automation initiatives.


Some of the functional testing tools that our team employ:


  • Selenium
  •  QTP/UFT
  • Test complete
  • Selendroid
  • Appium
  • Calabash


Our experts employ exclusive test methods that are adapted to agile & DevOps environment, to recognize manual tests that require automation. Our test methodology ensures consistent ROI with careful integration with automation frameworks such as:


  • Linear Scripting Framework
  • Modular Testing Framework
  • Data Driven Testing Framework
  • Keyword-Driven Testing Framework
  •  Hybrid Testing Framework
  • Behaviour Driven Development Framework


Our wide array of automation testing services includes:


  • Smoke Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Keyword Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Black Box Testing


Some of the many benefits of our automation testing services include reduced time & money, repeatable & reusable, flexible, scalable and fast to implement. With our flexible automation testing framework, we can assist your business with increased coverage, better and concise outcomes, shorter test cycles and better execution control so as to reduce redundancy.


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Advanz101 providing Automation Testing Services in Selenium, QTP/UFT, Test complete, Selendroid, Appium, Calabash in the USA and Canada area.
Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing

Security Testing Services

Security Testing

Unit Testing Services

Unit Testing

integration testing services

Integration Testing

Functional Testing Services

Functional Testing

Regression Testing Services

Regression Testing

framework based testing services

Framework-based Automation Testing

Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing

For the organizations looking for faster deployment of dynamic & complex applications, the key driving aspect is the performance testing throughout the system. Whether it is the simplest mobile app or a large scale enterprise application, we understand the challenges involved in website performance test and thus, emphasize addressing the performance and scalability issues within the application.


The Advanz101 performance testing benefits comprise of:


1. Cost optimization by improving performance and scalability

2. Improved user experience

3. Resourceful planning and performance management

4. Enriched application stability


Our team not only perform load and performance testing but also provide an assessment and analysis on the application. QTP, LoadRunner, Silk, Selenium, Protractor, Cucumber, Applitool, RFT, Jmeter, LoadRunner, Galen OpenSTA, JUnit, RPT etc are a few top class industry standard automation & performance testing tools that we utilize to provide a comprehensive, reliable, effective and end-to-end automation solution.


Security Testing

The technological advancements come with their share of risks and security breaches. If research is to be believed, more than 75% of the cyber-attacks follow at the application level and thus it is essential for organizations to protect data and important information. The increase in the number of cyber-attacks had lead organizations to include security or penetration testing a part of their development process. The team at Advanz101 realise the importance of penetration testing and assist enterprises in identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats in their application or software system.

Our penetration testing tools assist in recognizing the loopholes in security mechanisms thereby protecting data and information. The security testing at Advanz101 also ensures to uphold the anticipated functionality of the system.


Some of the key benefits of our application security testing:


1. Check for the company’s cyber fraud defense capabilities.

2. Identifying the flaw in the source code.

3. Detection of fault & complex vulnerabilities before it becomes a security concern

4. Ensuring software application or system is free of loopholes

Security Testing Services
Unit Testing Services

Unit Testing

Advanz101 experts realize the importance of individual components or units within the software solution development and hence we ensure automated unit testing are run every time the system or solution is built, to spot changes that might interrupt the features. This helps developers to understand the quality of a solution/ system being developed.

Unit testing helps in:

1.     Early detection of problems- As unit tests are developed right at the time a software solution is developed, it can easily fix an issue.

2.    Reduced issues while modifying the existing features- altering one module may cause changes in the functionality of other modules. Timely application of unit testing helps to address the issues without affecting the other module.

3.   Authenticating the accuracy of individual units & protecting against defects- Once a unit test is created, it can be reused as many times ensuring constant security.


Our automated unit testing aims to detect problems earlier in development and thus, it saves you huge time, money and resource to fix them. We work with automated tools like, Junit, TestNG, Symfony Lime, RSpec and a lot more.


Integration Testing

Many times testing engineers end up wasting 80% of their time on finding the basic issues or bugs instead of working on real-time cases. This is where Advanz101 focuses on; working on real use cases with a good release plan & testing strategy. We ascertain the testing lifecycle with automated integration testing wherein module is tested from the optimum stage of programming to the lower levels. Integration testing is an extension of unit testing where behaviour of components of unit testing is checked. Some of the many benefits of automated integration testing are:


A.       No matter whether it is a top-down or bottom-up approach, integration testing start during early development

B.       Since it starts early in development, it is easy to integrate with daily builds

C.       It is easy to integration test in the development environment

D.       Enables a positive feedback loop mechanism between testers and developers

E.        Automated integration testing ensures building real-time use cases while an end to end testing

F.        Integration testing identifies system level problems


integration testing services
Functional Testing Services

Functional Testing

At Advanz101, we care to deliver a defect free product or software solution. Hence, our functional testing services ensure testing applications against defined business goals. Our testing experts leverage industry specified testing standards, automation tools and methodologies to ensure that the new and existing features do not impact the quality of software solution.


Our functional testing approach includes:


 1.       Customizable and reusable frameworks

 2.       Data and component drove automation

 3.       In-sprint automation

 4.      Reporting and analysis support


We use the most comprehensive and intuitive automation testing tools such as Selenium, Robotium, TestComplete. Watir. Visual Studio Test Professional, QTP (UFT), SoapUI to name a few.


Regression Testing

Regression testing, if did not work as planned; it can be unsettling to the development environment. Users these days are very demanding and frequently change their needs which the developers have to deliver without any trouble in the existing setup. Our automation regression testing team ascertain that the new changes do not impact existing functions and quality of an application.


The testing experts at Advanz101 thoroughly carry out impact analysis on the modifications made in the test environment. The changes in the test environment can be updates on database, OS or changes in deployment configuration. In case of application/ software solution; changes can be anything from bug fixing, functionality enhancements, third party or module integrations etc. Our automated regression testing makes sure that these listed changes function as planned.


Regression Testing Services
framework based testing services

Framework-based Automation Testing

Our experts understand the value reusability of code, recovery, minimal manual intervention, easy reporting and low-cost maintenance benefits offered by test automation frameworks and thus, to be able to deliver these benefits to our clients, we work on various testing frameworks to efficiently develop, execute and report test scripts. Aiming at efficient delivery, our framework based automation testing services include:


Data Driven Testing

Usually confused with keyword testing, data-driven testing is performed based on a dataset created in the table (also known as the table of conditions) and then importing the same to automation testing tools to test against multiple data values and data set. Our testing experts identify hard code data component and variable data along with creating duplicate test design to house variable data sets.


Data Driven Testing Services
Keyword Testing Services

Keyword Testing

There are numerous advantages supplied by keyword driven testing wherein the test cases are defined using a set of keywords. Keyword testing allows describing test cases in keywords or names instead of natural language processing which makes test cases easy to understand, maintain and automate.

Our experts approach this kind of testing in two stages namely design & development and implementation test cases. Our testing engineers carefully compose high and low-level keywords to determine test case action and custom workflows.


Hybrid Test Automation Framework

Hybrid, as the name says, our team works on the combination of testing frameworks such as module, data-driven, keywords driven and library architecture based. We carefully assess user requirements and then design & develop the framework best suited for the project. The best part of using a hybrid framework for any project is that it delivers the benefits associated with all the testing framework combinations utilized for hybrid testing.


hybrid test automation services
behavior driven automation services

Behavior Driven Automation Testing Framework

When it comes to behavior driven automation testing, one need not be a testing expert but at the same time it is essential to have an understanding of BDD frameworks like cucumber and Jbehave so as to build tools and continuous integration reports, develop and execution environment that connects well with the common libraries (that includes generics, program logic, data readers etc) and works well with automation   to deliver an efficient solution.