Merge Ease

Merging Service Contract Made Easy

Merge Ease

Merging Service Contract Made Easy


To merge the multiple service contracts on the same account into a single service contract and develop it into the Master Service Contract with our solutions.

App Type

Lightning Platform (Custom Quick Action Button

App Profile

An easy-to-install app for Salesforce CRM users in which user can select multiple service contracts in that account and select one single service contract as a Master service contract from that list. Then all other service contracts are getting merged into that master service contract record.

App Background

When a user has multiple Service Contracts on the same account, and it may need to merge them into a single service contract. In our solution, the user can select the number of service contracts available in that same related account. From that, selecting one service contract as the master service contract results in all the other service contracts will merge into that master service contracts record.

User Profile

This app is for all those markets and businesses using Service Cloud CPQ subscription-based products, Service Contract management, and anyone who requires simplicity in managing Service Contract records.

App Highlights

  • User can select service contracts available in the related list of accounts to be used in merge functionality.
  • From the selected Service Contract list user can select one service contract as a Master Service contract in which all other service contracts (Contract Line Items) will get merged.
  • We have taken care of the Bundled product of all the related bundled product structure remains the same after merging Service Contract.

Merging Service Contract Made Easy