Salesforce Health Cloud

Helping Facilities Achieve the ‘Quadruple Aim’

Salesforce Health Cloud is the digital bridge between different stakeholders within a healthcare setup. It enables better connections and drives better health outcomes. Once a healthcare facility invests in a hyper-connected platform like Health Cloud, the time taken by a healthcare provider to onboard into a health plan network gets significantly reduced and the ongoing communication and collaboration between different participants becomes increasingly seamless. 

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Stakeholders Within and Beyond Health Cloud

Health Cloud enables delivering efficient care, while lowering costs as health business workflow gets automated for the following beneficiaries and stakeholders

  • Healthcare Providers 

Helps consolidate data and streamline care processes while engaging with patients where they need care and focus the most. Aids in delivering tailored interventions on the basis of clinical and non-clinical data assessment.

  • Payers

Leads to personalized member and provider experiences as processes are automated from quote to care. Collaboration is scaled as value-based care initiatives enhance member offerings.

  • MedTech

Customer-focused solutions ensure commercial success with connected teams across the product lifecycle. Helps yield intelligent insights for creating valuable engagements.

  • Public Sector Health

Serves as an effective tool to optimize government health services to build healthier and resilient communities as it integrates medical and social care. With intelligent analytics available in a few clicks, it eases public wellness management with 360-degree access to intelligent analytics.

  • Pharma

Infuses efficiency and lowers costs as processes get streamlined from R&D to commercialization. It helps collaborate with all customers as everyone in the ecosystem is being driven by the common goal of boosting productivity.

Health Cloud Features at a Glance

  • Patient-centric Approach

Salesforce Health Cloud puts patients at the center of healthcare by providing a complete view of patient data, including medical history, demographics, and social determinants of health. It enables healthcare providers to offer personalized care and engage with patients meaningfully.

  • Customizable Dashboards

Health Cloud offers customizable dashboards and reports that enable healthcare providers to track key performance indicators and measure outcomes in real time. It provides actionable insights that help providers make data-driven decisions and improve patient care.

  • Collaboration Tools

Health Cloud provides collaboration tools that allow healthcare providers to work together seamlessly, share information, and collaborate on care plans. It promotes team-based care and improves patient outcomes.

  • Care Management

Health Cloud offers tools for care management, including task management, appointment scheduling, and care plan creation. It helps providers deliver coordinated care and improves patient adherence to treatment plans.

  • Patient Engagement

Health Cloud enables providers to engage with patients through multiple channels, including email, and SMS etc. It improves patient satisfaction and outcomes by providing convenient and timely access to care.

  • Security and Compliance

Health Cloud is built on Salesforce’s trusted and secure platform, which adheres to industry-standard security and compliance regulations. It ensures that patient data is protected and secured at all times.

  • Scalability

Health Cloud is highly scalable and can be customized to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes. It allows providers to grow their businesses and expand their services while maintaining consistent care.

Unique Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

  • Being a user-friendly CRM solution, it offers exemplary care management and patient experience.
  • The user will get convenient dashboards and automated forms. Therefore, there are less chances of incurring mistakes.
  • Patients can view their complete medical history, contact information, insurance plans, existing health issues, and prescriptions.
  • Medical data, such as sleep pattern, exercise regime, and glucose levels from devices are collected and analyzed at one place.  
  • Offer rich medical insights by patient classification on the basis of condition, drug type, age, or any other criteria.  
  • It develops charts and a color-coded technique to provide medical data in easy-to-understand formats. It is making easier to access the information that customers require. 
At ADVANZ101, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations achieve their goals through the power of Salesforce Health Cloud. Our services are designed to help you improve patient care and outcomes, streamline operations, and drive business growth. With our team of Salesforce-certified experts, you can be assured of getting the best-in-class Salesforce Health Cloud services that cater to your unique needs.
Whether you are a hospital, clinic, or healthcare organization, we can help you transform the way you deliver care and drive growth. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our services and take your healthcare business to the next level with Salesforce Health Cloud.
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