Optimize your Sales with our Salesforce CPQ Solutions

Adapt, scale, and change your business forever with Salesforce CPQ solutions. ADVANZ101 is an offshore Salesforce CPQ development provider with the right know-how to implement a successful quote-to-billing journey for a business of any scale or type.  

Salesforce CPQ  is a sales tool for companies to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. CPQ applications often work in accordance with CRM platforms, ERP programs, and other business technology, ensuring integration of data along with accuracy.  

- As explained by Salesforce

Key benefits

We provide Salesforce CPQ solutions in USA and across key markets across the globe with the following advantages 

  • 35% efficiency improvement in business operations 
  • 25% increase in upselling and cross-selling 
  • 40% increased client satisfaction 
  • 20% increased speed to execute revenue recognition 

Key services

Salesforce CPQ is an important sales tool for companies to provide exact and precise pricing with any given product configuration scenario in record time. To draw maximum benefits from this tool and to help you make the most consequential sales decisions we offer the following Salesforce CPQ services. 

  • Salesforce Product, price order configuration and quote generation  
  • Salesforce Data migration of products, price books etc.  
  • Proposal Generator – Proposals integration with DocuSign  
  • Creation and management of Salesforce sales contracts  
  • Electronic signature integration  
  • High level of Invoicing process automation  
  • Subscription Billing management  
  • Payment collection and management   
  • Varied tax systems management  
  • Salesforce CPQ and Billing for Salesforce Communities  

All businesses function in a dynamic environment with customer needs undergoing change that reflect in the sales process and the final quote generation. To keep up with these changes in a Salesforce organization we have a suite of custom Salesforce CPQ solutions delivering robust contract amendments and their management.

#1 Reconfigure
  • Upgrade to new, return existing product with price increase 
  • Upgrade to new, return existing product with price change 
  • Partial return and with price adjustment 
#2 Partial Renewal of Contract
#3 Upgrade
  • Subscription upgrade with no price change 
  • Subscription upgrade with price increase 
#4 Service License Agreement (SLA) Change
  • SLA change with no price change 
  • SLA change with price increase 
#5 Discount Changes
  • Increase in contractual discount 
  • Increase in additional discount 
  • Decrease in additional discount 
  • Decrease in contractual discount 
#6 Term and Quality Changes
  • Increase term and quantity 
  • Increase term and quantity at new rate 
  • Decrease term and/or quantity with full credit 
  • Decrease term and/or quantity with partial credit 
  • Increase term and quantity with partial increase in subscription rate 
#7 Term Changes
  • Increase term 
  • Increase at new rate 
  • Decrease term at full credit 
  • Decrease term at partial credit 
#8 Quantity Changes
  • Increase at same rate 
  • Increase at new rate 
  • Decrease with full credit 
  • Decrease with partial credit 

Salesforce CPQ at a glance

What is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce is an optimizing sales tool for businesses to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario.

How does Salesforce CPQ increase the bottom line?

It reduces the time wasted on regular sales processes like submitting proposals by automating them and streamlining the buyer-seller relationship. It also identifies specializations, add-ons and options to increase the deal’s ambit. Providing accurate quotes becomes a mainstay.

Will Salesforce CPQ be profitable for your business?

Salesforce CPQ quickens the sales process, resulting in increased revenues and efficiency. Salesforce customer stories have demonstrated a significant return on their investment after using Salesforce CPQ.

Choose ADVANZ101 Salesforce CPQ Solutions to
Automate invoicing and payments process
Process amendments and prorations during acquisitions
Create quick and accurate quotes and proposals
Configure the perfect solutions suited to your customer’s needs
Eliminate errors in proposals, quotes, orders, contracts, and invoices

Salesforce CPQ Solutions for the New-Age Enterprise