Troubleshoot Renewal Opportunity Creation Issues in Salesforce CPQ

Troubleshoot Renewal Opportunity Creation Issues in Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool that automates the sales quoting process for businesses. It simplifies the configuration of products and services, accurately prices them, and generates professional quotes. Thus, it assists sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently. However, when dealing with renewals in Salesforce CPQ, troubleshooting and resolving the problem can take time. The article will discuss the best practices and solutions to diagnose the Salesforce CPQ renewal process

Renewable Opportunity Creation Issues in Salesforce CPQ 

Before diving into the solutions, knowing about the Salesforce CPQ renewal issue is vital. When a customer renews their subscription, there is a formation of a renewal opportunity in Salesforce CPQ. It contains the details of the subscription, including the products and services, pricing, and terms. However, sometimes renewal opportunity creation issues can occur. It causes delays and errors in the renewal process. 

In the next phase, we will discuss some of the common challenges that arise with renewal opportunity creation.  

Common Issues with Renewal Opportunity Creation in Salesforce CPQ 

        i.            Governor Limits Error 

One of the common issues with renewal opportunity creation in Salesforce CPQ is the governor limits error. Salesforce sets them on the number of resources utilized in a single transaction. When the governor limits exceed, there is a termination of the trade. Further, it follows by displaying an error message.  

To minimize the given error, it is critical to follow the best practices that come with Salesforce CPQ, such as:  

  • Bulkification of the code and helper methods 
  • Avoiding SOQL queries or DML statements inside loops 

      ii.            Managing Large Carts 

Another area for improvement with renewal opportunity creation in Salesforce CPQ is the large cart problem. When dealing with a large cart, Salesforce CPQ can encounter governor limits, causing errors and slowing down the quoting process.  

The best step to avoid it is to break the quote down into temporary smaller quotes. Afterward, generate an order for each one via the CPQ Ordered checkbox and combine the smaller orders into one large order at the end. 

    iii.            Row Lock Errors 

Row lock errors occur when multiple users try to access the same record simultaneously, causing a lock on the record. It arises when an account has many assets, and the batch process creates renewal prospects for such support.  

To prevent it, one can select the “Create Renewal Opportunity” checkbox along with renewal quotes. It will prevent the system from running into locking issues after the involvement of a large number of assets.  

    iv.            Issues with Refresh Products Function 

If one discovers issues with the Refresh Products function, it happens while creating the renewal opportunity from a “Ghost Quote.” It is never turned into an actual record but can cause issues if not handled properly.  

To avoid the given issue, developers must ensure the presence of a “Primary Quote” on the opportunity record and that there is a “Start Date” for the given opportunity quote. 

By understanding these common issues and taking steps to avoid them, Salesforce CPQ users can improve their overall efficiency and streamline their renewal opportunity creation process. 

Best Practices for Troubleshooting Renewal Opportunity Creation Issues 

It is necessary to adhere to the best methods for renewal opportunity creation issues. Some of the finest practices are: 

A.     Ensure that there is a primary CPQ quote for the opportunity 

When creating a renewal opportunity in Salesforce CPQ, a CPQ quote must be related to the the primary quote for the opportunity. Why? It’s because the primary quote is the one that generates subscriptions. Without it, there is no creation of renewal opportunities. Additionally, it is essential to have a start date on the quote to certify that there is correct pricing for the subscription products. 

B.      Wait a few minutes before viewing the renewal opportunity to allow for processing 

It is preferable to keep patience after generating a renewal opportunity before spotting them. There is a bit of processing going on behind the scenes to get the products set up correctly. By waiting a few minutes, developers can assert a precise setting of the renewal opportunity without any issues. 

C.      Configure renewal settings 

Configuring renewal settings is essential in troubleshooting renewal opportunity creation issues in Salesforce CPQ. It comprises renewal lead time indicating the creation of renewal opportunities after activation of an order. Moreover, specifying the default renewal price list is essential for quote creation. Finally, it also helps prevent issues arising from creating them separately. 

D.     Avoid creating record types for line-level classifications 

Creating opportunity types for line-level sorts can lead to issues in the renewal process. It will be difficult to understand what customers bought. Further, key details may be hidden in PDFs that get reviewed manually. Optimizing the renewal process needs avoidance of record types for line-level classifications. 

E.      Do not automatically update the renewal opportunity with additional amendments 

To avoid overwriting the user’s work, Salesforce CPQ will no longer automatically update the renewal opportunity with additional amendments. If any modification occurs to the original quote, there is no automatic update in the renewal opportunity. Instead, the user must manually update the renewal opportunity without any amendments. 

Wrapping Up 

Salesforce CPQ is powerful software that can assist firms in simplifying their procedures and automating the sales quoting process. However, when dealing with renewal opportunity creation issues in Salesforce CPQ, it is essential to follow the best practices proposed by Salesforce CPQ to optimize the quoting process. Following such best practices, businesses can troubleshoot and resolve renewal opportunity creation issues in Salesforce CPQ. Therefore, it shall ensure a smooth and efficient renewal process. 

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