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Streamline Healthcare with ePRO App
Patient-Centered Care in Action


Streamline Healthcare with ePRO (Patient Reported Outcome) App


To allow Salesforce users to streamline and effectively manage operations with a patient-centered approach in a healthcare enterprise.

App Type

Lightning Platform

App Profile

An easy to install application allowing Salesforce users to manage a multitude of daily operations of a healthcare enterprise, from creating patient assessment forms, sending those forms to multiple patients, analyzing the patient responses along with secure storage.

App Background

Patient Reported Outcome is a cutting-edge digital solution designed to revolutionize healthcare by empowering care providers, including healthcare professionals, therapists and caregivers, in delivering personalized and patient-centered care.

This versatile app streamlines the process of creating, distributing, and managing assessment forms for patients while seamlessly recording and analyzing their responses. Patient reported outcome is your trusted partner in enhancing patient care, improving treatment outcomes, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

User Profile

Care providers, managers, and supervisors working in healthcare institutions, organizations, and setups (of any scale) using Salesforce Health Cloud and OmniStudio.

App Specifications

  • Required Salesforce Products – Health Cloud and OmniStudio
  • Compatible Salesforce Products – Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Supported Salesforce Edition – Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited
  • Supported Features – Lightning Experience
  • Supported Languages – English

App Highlights

  • Users can create multiple patient assessment forms.
  • Users get to send the patient assessment forms to multiple patients simultaneously.
  • Users also get to analyze the patient assessment status through reports and dashboards.
  • Users can see the patient responses for every assessment.
  • Users can also assign scores for patient’s response.
  • A user can readily submit an assessment form on behalf of a patient.
  • Users can also send bulk assessment forms to patients within a disease group.

Patient-Centered Care in Action