Maximizing ROI with Salesforce CPQ through 8 Appealing Ways 

Maximizing ROI with Salesforce CPQ through 8 Appealing Ways 

Salesforce CPQ permits businesses to deliver precise pricing for each product. It is a robust tool that assists organizations in refining their quoting and sales operations. It may help organizations simplify their sales process and spur development. However, measuring the ROI with Salesforce CPQ can be challenging. In the given article, we will explore nine creative ways to maximize ROI for Salesforce CPQ and prove that digital transformation is working. 

A. Stay up to date with new functionality 

After every release, and the current enduring evolution, Salesforce is adding new features in its CPQ format. Further, remaining updated with new capabilities is the new phenomenon and Salesforce CPQ does it to get the most out of the investment made by the investors. It will ultimately match the desires of the enterprises. In addition, getting higher investment will help companies to remain one step ahead of their rivals. 

B. Customize Salesforce CPQ to meet your business needs 

The most beneficial aspect of Salesforce is the presence of flexibility. It ensures that companies are capable of meeting their unique requirements and get most from their investment. In addition, it also does follow aspects: 

  • Enhance satisfaction rate among their clients 
  • Cut the occurrence of the mistakes 
  • Optimize sales process by modifying the system 

C. Measure Quote-to-Cash ROI 

It is one of the best methods to maximize Salesforce CPQ ROI. It helps companies to collect data in respect to: 

  • How long the time is taken to create a quotation 
  • Measure the accuracy of the given quote 
  • The time that will be consumed to seal the deal 

By evaluating the given data, you may find areas for improvement and optimize your sales process to boost revenue. 

D. Use KPIs to Measure Progress 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can also be used to track advancement and determine the ROI for Salesforce CPQ. They are crucial in the sense in assisting companies in successfully monitoring the efficacy of the deployment of the Salesforce CPQ and identifying areas that need more development. There are several KPIs that need to be taken into the account: 

  • Creation of specific amount of the quotation 
  • Conclusion of the quantity of transactions  
  • Average deal size of the quotation  

E. Get Creative with ROI Calculations 

It has become vital to implement the usage of innovative ROI to validate the efficiency of digital revolution in the given cloud solution. It comprises several aspects such as calculating ROI using a variety of indicators, including revenue growth, staff productivity, and customer contentment. If an organization employs innovative ROI, they can estimate its worth and get more investments to enhance the effectiveness of the Salesforce CPQ. 

F. Measure User Adoption 

User acceptability is critical to the success of digital modernization programs such as Salesforce CPQ. Measuring user engagement and identifying development possibilities are critical for determining the ROI for Salesforce CPQ. It comprises tracking how many individuals are:  

  • Actively using Salesforce CPQ 
  • Attending the given training session 
  • Producing support tickets for quotation 

G. Use a Digital Adoption Platform 

There is one essential tool that helps in effective assessment of the ROI and other Salesforce-based projects are the utilization of the digital adoption platform (DAP). With help if the DAP, users can: 

  • Shorten the training sessions 
  • Improve user adoption rate 
  • Enhance productivity from all possible source 

In addition, one may quantify ROI of your Salesforce CPQ deployment and illustrate the benefits of digital transformation by utilizing a DAP. 

H. Ensure high-level of data quality 

One cannot compromise with data quality and every company wants to adjust ROI with Salesforce CPQ without affecting it. One can’t provide consumers with accurate quotations if the given data is erroneous or lacking. To maintain robust data quality, firms must ensure many things such as: 

  • Giving assurance to keep data clean and updated 
  • Create awareness among sales staff to maintain data quality 


In the end, establishing the impact of digital transformation and quantifying ROI for Salesforce CPQ call for an innovative strategy that includes assessing Quote-to-Cash ROI, employing KPIs to track advancement, experimenting with ROI computations, tracking user adoption, and consuming a digital adoption platform. By using these best practices, you can showcase Salesforce CPQ’s benefits and spur company expansion. 

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