Visualizing the Future: The Role of 3D Visualizations in Salesforce CPQ

Visualizing the Future: The Role of 3D Visualizations in Salesforce CPQ

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies constantly look for ways to modernize their sales processes and close deals more quickly. One technology that is gaining popularity is 3D visualization. With the help of 3D configurators and product photography, sales teams can provide customers with a more engaging experience, ultimately driving deal velocity. The article will explore how 3D visualization drives sales and revenue growth for organizations that use Salesforce CPQ

Impact of 3D Visualization in Salesforce CPQ 

3D visualization is creative software that can help firms drive sales and revenue growth by:  

  • Reducing inefficiencies in the sales process 
  • Creating product images 
  • Delivering end-to-end product visualization 
  • Improving the customer experience 
  • Providing a competitive advantage 

Here are some key aspects that make the role of 3D visualization an integral part of the Salesforce CPQ: 

        I. Reducing Inefficiencies in Sales Processes 

Making it simple to specify product choices and pricing assists organizations in reducing bottlenecks in their sales procedures. Further, it enables sales reps to select product choices and pricing more quickly. They may develop more accurate quotations and lower the number of mistakes by using 3D visualization. In addition, they also reduce the need for manual data input and the number of errors that might assist the companies in saving their valuable resources in the future.  

      II. Creating Product Images 

With the integration of 3D visualization software (such as Threekit), Salesforce CPQ users can create product images and conceptions to help customers better understand the product. It is vital for firms that offer complex items or bundles since it allows buyers to understand exactly what they are purchasing and how it operates. Corporations may boost customer satisfaction and prevent the frequency of returns or chargebacks by giving users a more accurate and thorough image of the goods. 

    III. Delivering End-to-End Product Visualization 

Threekit Visual Configurator for Salesforce CPQ provides Virtual Photographer, 3D Configurator, and Augmented Reality capabilities. It allows customers to visualize the product as a more realistic and appealing one. It found usage in the companies that sell complex products or bundles. Using it, the customers can see the working efficiency of their product. Businesses may boost client happiness and avert returns by giving customers a more accurate and thorough product perspective. 

   IV. Enhancing the Customer Experience 

By offering a more engaging and dynamic approach to customize and visualize items, 3D visualization improves the consumer experience. Organizations can enhance client retention and mitigate complaints by giving consumers a more accurate description of the goods. It can assist organizations in developing better client connections and increasing consumer loyalty with time. 

     V.   Providing a Competitive Advantage 

A few researchers say 3D visualization is a secret weapon in Salesforce CPQ. It offers a competitive advantage by helping sales reps create more accurate quotes and win more deals. What’s more, integrating 3D visuals directly inside the given cloud solution aids sales personnel in including attributes that meet clients’ criteria precisely. In that way, users can get answers to their queries virtually.  


At last, 3D visualization is a game-changer for Salesforce CPQ. It delivers a more immersive and interactive product experience for sales reps and customers. By leveraging the power of visual configuration to Salesforce CPQ, organizations can streamline their sales processes, reduce inefficiencies, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue growth. With the integration of Threekit, Salesforce CPQ users can create hyper-realistic product images and help customers better understand the product. As the CPQ market grows, 3D visualization will become a product that businesses using Salesforce CPQ apply more. By embracing this technology, organizations can stay ahead of the competition and drive sales and revenue growth in the future. 


Q.1 What is 3D visualization in Salesforce CPQ? 

3D visualization in Salesforce CPQ refers to using 3D computer graphics models and 2D images or animations to help sales reps and customers visualize and configure products. 

Q.2. How does 3D visualization help reduce inefficiencies in sales processes? 

3D visualization helps reduce inefficiencies in sales processes by making it easy to configure product options and prices, allowing sales reps to create more accurate quotes and reduce the number of errors in the sales process. 

Q.3 How does 3D visualization enhance the customer experience? 

3D visualization enhances the customer experience by providing a more engaging and interactive way to configure and visualize products. This way, clients can check the products and evaluate their working procedures. 

Q.4 What is a Threekit Visual Configurator for Salesforce CPQ? 

Threekit Visual Configurator for Salesforce CPQ is an integration that provides built-in 3D and augmented reality configurator functionality for Salesforce CPQ users. It enables real-time customization and configuration of products for the benefit of the users. 

Q.5 What is the future of 3D visualization in Salesforce CPQ? 

The future of 3D visualization in Salesforce CPQ looks promising, with continued growth and the potential for new technologies and features to be introduced. As the CPQ market grows, 3D visualization will be a vital functioning part of companies that take the assistance from Salesforce CPQ. 

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