Salesforce CPQ vs. the Rest: Which One Reigns Supreme? 

Salesforce CPQ vs. the Rest: Which One Reigns Supreme? 

Salesforce CPQ is a software application that assists organizations in automating their sales processes by creating accurate quotations for their goods and offerings. It helps a company to accomplish the following aspects: 

  • Improvement in the sales process 
  • Reduction in the operational errors 
  • Increase efficiency 

Furthermore, Salesforce CPQ is one of the most frequently utilized CPQ systems, but is it the greatest option for enterprises? In the given post, there will be a brief comparison of the Salesforce CPQ versus other CPQ systems. Eventually, it will help the users to evaluate which CPQ system will be the better option for their consumers.  

What is Salesforce CPQ?  

Salesforce CPQ is a well-known CPQ solution that works with Salesforce CRM. It comes with powerful features that contain: 

  • Better pricing rules 
  • Best guided selling procedure 
  • Perfect product setup 
  • High generation of quotes  

Furthermore, its user-friendly interface allows sales teams to generate accurate quotations and proposals quickly. For getting perfect future insights to convert sales aims into goals, it includes some exciting features such as analytics and reporting.   

Key Differentiators 

Let’s take a closer look at the key attributes that set Salesforce CPQ ahead of its rivals: 

A. Integration Capabilities 

It can easily integrate with Salesforce CRM. The given fact helps it to amalgamate customer and sales data into a single platform. Moreover, it offers mutual collaboration between sales, marketing and customer support teams with high efficacy. It has resulted in a better view of satisfaction rate among the customers.  

B. User-Friendly Interface 

It comes with a simple design that permits sales professionals to create a better point of view of the application. Furthermore, it comes with a guided selling function that empowers sales personnel in choosing the best option from the available one and improves the whole purchasing experience of the buyers. 

C. Scalability and Flexibility 

It is highly scalable and can accommodate businesses of all sizes. It provides lots of customization potential, allowing corporations to tailor the solution to their needs. 

Difference between Salesforce CPQ and Other CPQ Solutions  

A. Salesforce CPQ vs. Standard Quotes 

Salesforce CPQ is a more complex version of Salesforce’s standard quote feature. All Salesforce users can access regular quotes; however, Salesforce CPQ is a paid add-on. Similarly, it provides more complex capabilities than ordinary quotations, such as: 

  • Faster document production for clients  
  • Templates come with filter sections  
  • More advanced bundling and discounting options 
  • Effective product validation procedures  
  • High standard of generated quote documents 
  • Offering Subscription pricing 

B. Salesforce CPQ vs. Oracle CPQ 

There is one more incredible competitor of Salesforce CPQ in the form of Oracle CPQ. It is a cloud-based, adaptable system that scales with your organization to serve tremendous, intricate services. Salesforce frequently relies on partners to manage highly specialized products and services. Further, it aims to link the front- and back offices and is simple to implement by sales teams, partners, and users to provide a user-friendly customer experience. 

Additionally, it enables you to invest in a single, forward-thinking solution that does not rely on a single exclusive framework. Utilizing a single CPQ solution powered by an industry-leading PaaS to suit your organization’s requirements also saves time and money. Furthermore, it enables you to drive every step across sales channels by allowing inside field, track, and self-service salespeople to create, price, and present solutions, contracts, and subscription ordering directly. So, there is no requirement for an external party’s help. 

C. Salesforce CPQ vs. Conga CPQ 

Conga CPQ is another prominent CPQ solution that competes with the cloud option mentioned above. It helps many firms accomplish rapid development cycles within the enterprise. Furthermore, it has a lot of helpful capabilities right out of the box. It has robust configurability, ease of use, and efficiency in the quotation creation process. Many organizations value its integration possibilities with CRM platforms such as Salesforce. 

D. Salesforce CPQ vs. SAP CPQ 

Based on buyer feedback, SAP CPQ is one of the top CPQ systems available. It comprises many capabilities and a pre-built interface with the SAP ERP. In addition, it simplifies sales, saves a significant amount of time, and allows for easy automation. Design time may be reduced, and it aids in the establishment of a close relationship between the production and sales teams. SAP CPQ is a high-end CPQ solution appropriate for enterprises of all sizes. 


Finally, Salesforce CPQ is a well-known CPQ system that provides comprehensive functionality to organizations of all sizes. It is, however, one of many CPQ solutions on the market. Other CPQ solutions, such as Oracle CPQ, Conga CPQ, and SAP CPQ, have comparable capability and capabilities. Businesses should analyze their individual goals and objectives when selecting a CPQ solution to identify which solutions best match their firms. 

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