6 Must Do’s for Increasing Salesforce CPQ Engagement

6 Must Do’s for Increasing Salesforce CPQ Engagement

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quotes) is a configurable quote and proposal system that can help your team increase sales. Moreover, it also assists in winning more accounts by streamlining processes.

Why do firms need Salesforce CPQ? Before moving forward, let’s understand some vital facts:

  • 67% of companies believe their quote-to-cash process is inefficient
  • 61% of reports suggest firms are in the process of improving their quote-to-cash process.

They reveal that many enterprises face criticism for generating instant quotes. So, there is a need for Salesforce CPQ to:

  • Improve quote accuracy
  • Reduce manual data entry and errors
  • Quickens sales order processing time

A personalized customer experience makes Salesforce CPQ the best one. However, the accuracy of CPQ quotations is dependent on careful execution.

To make it a reality, you must follow some rules to increase Salesforce CPQ implementation more fruitful.

Here, we will describe five crucial aspects companies must do to increase Salesforce CPQ engagement.

I. Obtain the Support of All Sponsors

The sales manager must work with every partner and person involved in the project.

That can include the sales staff, operations, resellers, marketing, finance, product management, shipping, and distributors. Moreover, they must educate each department about the following:

  • Aim of the project
  • What they expect to achieve
  • How will it affect their day-to-day operations

There should be no surprises! They must make every effort to get individuals on board. It is also critical to obtain input on what each individual requires and expects from it. Doing so from the start saves a lot of mix-ups that come up later on.

II. Cut Time Spent on Quote Creation

With configurable quotes, you can save time with feature-based pricing based on your customer’s needs. It permits your project managers to apply different rates based on the features a customer has selected for their product or service.

Besides, you can create a single document for all your customers in one place. That way, there shall be no need for separate documents, and it paves the way for offering a Salesforce CPQ discount perfectly.

III. Have a Clear Understanding of Developmental Methodology

When creating Salesforce CPQ, use a dedicated technique such as Agile, Waterfall, and Iterative models. Agile includes incredible speed and cost savings. However, during the first Salesforce CPQ deployment, an agile strategy does not always work.  

Because of the lack of precise end-to-end design, each next sprint needs more significant revision. Here, the role of the Waterfall method becomes more prominent. It creates wonder during the completion of the design phase. During the development phase, the iterative model performs well.

To make all methodologies successful, you must reduce the number of inquiries by configuring the CPQ. For example, instead of making three queries when using Lookup Queries to obtain a price based on product name, currency, and account type, builds formula fields that mix the three data.

IV. Prioritize CPQ Features

Salesforce CPQ is a complicated tool with numerous capabilities that might upset users if used simultaneously. As a result, you should prioritize your sales targets based on how vital they are to your company.

If your firm is serious about speeding up the approval process, use the Advanced Approval feature. It is a unique tool that automates cross-functional approval chains to ensure policy conformity.

Once these “essential features” are successfully implemented and adopted, you can always add new capabilities from the CPQ Plus package (CPQ & Billing Growth) as needed in the future.

V. Collect documentation

Digitizing and automating paperwork is an essential aspect of digital renovation. Project managers must bring all documentation to the scoping meeting, including current reports, spreadsheets, contracts, proposals, and legal documents.

Besides, they ought to be gathered in a single location so examining and referring to the needy one become easy all over the project. In this way, engaging with all stakeholders via Salesforce CPQ becomes easier.

VI. Keep a List of Resources Up-to-date

The most common cause of Salesforce CPQ project failure is a need for more resources. There are several ways a project manager must do to manage resources well:

  • Maintain constant contact with stakeholders. During such sessions, assess the available resources about the essential resources. Take the necessary procedures to secure them.
  • Maintain an open line of contact with the implementation team. It allows you to face challenges head-on without any problems.
  • Hire crucial employees with the necessary skill sets to successfully deploy Salesforce CPQ.
  • Apply a proactive HR strategy to inspect outsourcing options and hire independent contractors to cope with the skill shortfall.
  • Maintain a legal team to ensure a foolproof contract agreement with the parties.
Winning Deals through Better Salesforce CPQ Involvement

Most of the company’s management takes one thing for granted: Sales reps are doing the best job possible! However, this is only sometimes the case. Many companies need help with Salesforce CPQ.

Moreover, they find themselves spending too much time on manual processes. Instead, they can use specific strategies that can make the incorporation of Salesforce CPQ in their business more appropriate.

Salesforce CPQ can alter how to handle business well. Companies should ensure the project’s success by preparing for the unforeseen future. Project managers must interact with individuals throughout the sales process in two ways:

  • Genuinely hold how sales are created from lead to cash
  • Collect all documents required to complete a standard sale.

Only then would they be able to reap the benefits of their efforts. . It will help you better utilize Salesforce CPQ and get good rewards.

So, presence of a Salesforce CPQ solution in place, your team can go from good to great!

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