A Salesforce based multitasking platform for Australia’s marketing and advertising industry

Business Challenges

HELIO is a comprehensive offering from the HEARD Corporation for Australia’s advertising industry. They approached ADVANZ101 with a blueprint in mind to build a platform on Salesforce for media space sellers, buyers, and third party agencies. Some of the key requirements and challenges that were overcome:

  • A storefront i.e. a public access website for different users to Login and access the platform.
  • Three distinct yet interconnect and interoperable sections on the platform for Sellers, Buyers, and Third party agencies as communities.
  • Functionalities to manage inventory i.e. advertising spaces across mediums.
  • A seamless connectivity between seller/buyer/third party agency, time slots/advertising duration, and campaigns.
  • Absence of campaign performance measurement tools and holistic market views or representations.
  • Absence of a billing mechanism for all stakeholders.