Salesforce customization for a water treatment company

Salesforce customization for a water treatment company

About Client

ProEconomy Orca is a water treatment company that produces Orca copper and silver ionisation systems. They have over 200 Orca(s) installed in Europe and are successfully treating the water at Windsor Castle, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the European Space Agency. Their USP is ‘proven Legionella control’ and are passionate about controlling bugs and biofilms in complex water systems to alleviate water based risks for use a cloud based water management system called Tetras that makes use of QR coding to prevent water contamination. 


ProEconomy Orca sought ADVANZ101’s assistance for a centralized system through Salesforce CRM with due customization. Some of the key requirements and challenges that were overcome:

  • Lack of a contract management system.
  • No process/tools in place to benchmark customer service performance.
  • Lack of an automated process to manage and migrate data from MS Excel.
  • Absence of Salesforce CRM training to team members led to underutilization of the CRM.
  • Disorganised inter and intra-team communication resulting in further slowing of sales and marketing activities.