Advanz 101 Vowed to Create Digital Transformation Ecosystem for Future at Dreamforce, 2023 

Advanz 101 Vowed to Create Digital Transformation Ecosystem for Future at Dreamforce, 2023 

A few days ago, Dreamforce, a massive event, was put on by Salesforce, one of the top CRM providers worldwide. It took place in San Francisco from September 12-14, and Advanz 101 was one of the thousand attendees who attended the event.  

The announcement of the release of Salesforce’s latest generation of AI, Einstein, will make the event stand out in memory. The launch of a new conversational AI assistant will strengthen Salesforce’s already-improving innovative offerings. The main highlights of the Dreamforce 2023 are: 

a. Einstein 1 Platform 

Marc Benioff, the CEO of, disclosed the first big secret at the Dreamforce event. It was: Einstein AI Platform! He contends that the AI revolution needs to safeguard public confidence. Thus, the introduction of the new platform will attest to the development of AI apps using secure data communication.  

Further, it also comes with several exciting features like: 

  • Integration of Einstein 1 with several platforms such as Microsoft 365, Mulesoft, Slack, and many others to solve issues related to data fragmentation 
  • Built on metadata framework to unify data 

B. Einstein Copilot 

It will improve productivity by assisting users to ask queries using natural language and get access to genuine answers. Besides, it also offers other varieties such as: 

  • Creating a new article based on service knowledge 
  • Providing a recommended action plan  

C. Einstein Copilot Studio 

It is the best possible way to build new Gen-Next AI-based apps from scratch for: 

  • Swiftly closing sales deals 
  • Simplify customer services 
  • Use automation to develop personalized websites  

In addition, both Copilot and Copilot Studio will embed together in the Einstein Trust Layer to generate high-quality AI-based results without compromising safety and privacy standards.  

D. Partnership of Google Workplace with Salesforce 

Dreamforce 2023 pledged an expansion of the partnership of the no.1 CRM platform with Google. What does the given association indicate? It is a bidirectional benefit for both tech giants: 

  • Google can use Salesforce account data to leverage its CRM and create content and Calendar meetings all on one platform  
  • The combined power of Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot and Google’s Duet AI can be utilized by corporations’ product and service utilities.  

E. Salesforce Partnership with Databricks 

In Dreamforce, Salesforce announced the integration of its Data Cloud for data sharing with Databricks. The given integration comes with several positive aspects: 

  • The removal of the intricate extract, transforms, and load (ETL) procedures. Users can access unified data with no compromise to trust or safety. 
  • Assisting businesses in furthering cost reduction in respect to the operation 
  • The Salesforce AI team can easily control their AI models in Databricks and apply them throughout the Customer 360 platform 

F. Enhancement of Net Zero Cloud 

Salesforce presented new Einstein features for its Net Zero Cloud at Dreamforce 2023. Corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting improvisation is its main goal. One of the key elements of the Salesforce’s dedication to sustainability is ESG. Additionally, it leverages automation to create reports to improve consistency.  

We were taken aback by the most recent advancements showing Salesforce as the pioneer in assisting firms in achieving their environmental objectives. Additionally, it seeks to use its innovative attributes to forge a future that is more attentive to ecological sustainability.  

At last, our Advanz 101 team got valuable insights with excellent networking opportunities with other participants. Therefore, after attending the event, we pledge to create an industry where everything works digitally for the betterment of the workforce and, not to forget, our clients.  

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