Features To Look For In a Helpdesk CRM Dashboard


We are quite sure that many of you might already know what Helpdesk CRM Dashboard actually is, but most of you might not be aware of the fact that how it differs from a sales CRM. A user has options that are quite powerful in Helpdesk CRM like – Advanced Reporting on Tickets, A Complete Knowledge Base on the Individual Customer Interest, A Multichannel Integration That Allows Interaction over Community Forums, Social Media Pages, Emails, and Live Chats. All these options truly make Helpdesk CRM a feature rich tool for your enterprise.

So, without getting carried away with the minute details, we are going to shed light on the top features to look of Helpdesk CRM, that are considered quite essential in a Dashboard!

Ticket Overview

In Helpdesk CRM, tickets hold the utmost priority. No matter what size of business you are running, you have to deal with customers on daily basis who come with their share of issues they are facing, and it becomes important that your dashboard must have a ticket overview feature, that allows you to have a look at the number of tickets that needs to be resolved on priority basis. This increases efficiency and positive response from customers and enhances their overall experience.

Time-based Reports

How much time you are taking to resolve a complaint from a customer, is where you can make all the difference. Once the ticket is raised, it becomes important that you respond to it quickly and get the problem solved to keep clients happy. When a ticket is responded within an hour of the reporting, there is a high chance of a positive customer experience.


Well, not many providers offer gamification features, but those who have it on offer, will let you keep a track on metrics. For example, the agent/employee who resolves most number of tickets in a week and gets positive response from the customers, will be provided a lunch in the restaurant of his choice!


Making your CRM mobile is the best way to eliminate lot of issues within the working structure. Mobility allows scalable dashboards to be viewed from anywhere and it is especially important if your business relies upon remote agents, as they can then handle customer queries while on the go.

Customizable Dashboards

Every business has individual needs and requirements and no two businesses share the exact same working model. Dashboards should fit as per the enterprise’s needs, where you have an access to all kinds of charts and graphs. There‘s always a lot of data available in CRM and customizable dashboard ensures all of it is put to good use. Customizability also means that you have an option to choose what to see and what not, and it also gives agents to keep what is more valuable to them.

Every solution in Helpdesk CRM comes with lot of features and it is very important to pick the ones that support your business team, as its not only makes their job easier; but also increases the happiness index of your customers!

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