Reduce Your Lead Closing Time With “CPQ GUIDED SELLING SOLUTIONS”


Creating quotes from a complex catalogue is the most time-consuming task for Sales reps. As a result, closing bigger deals becomes an inherently slow process. When it comes to configuring complex product offerings, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software is the one-stop solution. Whether it is pricing complex products accurately or creating quotes to the minutest detail, CPQ software simplifies the task at hand.

The  ‘Guided  Selling’  feature in Configure price quote solution is particularly useful for sales reps as it enables them to select products, parts, bundles from product catalogue with little knowledge about the possible combinations available for the product.

Advanz101’s CPQ guided selling solutions and services guides sales reps to create the right combination as per customer needs.

The solution works as follows:

  •  The built-in features ask a series of questions to the sales reps
  •  Based on the answers, it retrieves product information relevant to the requirements.
  •  The feature suggests a list of product configurations that exactly matches the requirements. Moreover while configuring products, the feature ensures component-to-component compatibility as well.

No matter how comprehensive the configuration is, ‘CPQ Guided Selling Solutions’ takes sales reps to the right solution. Moreover, they can create a complex product quickly with confidence. So the next time customers request a complex quote, they are unlikely to take hours to fulfil the quote request.  They will be in a position to sell complex products faster, which can have a positive impact on revenue.

In a nutshell, when there is growing complexity in quote generation,  choosing  a Right  CPQ Software will simplify the quotation process by generating accurate quotations and reducing rework.  To  find  out  more  about  our  CPQ  guided  selling  solutions  or if  you need  FREE CONSULTING on any of CPQ/CLM solutions, contact us at or call @ +1408 471 9219(USA) / +61 2 8188 5345(AUSTRALIA)

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