Salesforce Einstein: How to Succeed as a Salesforce Einstein Implementation Partner?


Salesforce Einstein is the world’s smartest CRM that is built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the core Salesforce platform. It offers advanced AI features for Sales, Marketing, and Services. It enables its users to easily build AI-powered apps using clicks or codes that gets smarter with every user interaction. Salesforce Einstein allows everyone at every role in every industry to make use of AI to do their tasks to the best of their abilities.

Traditional Business Intelligence software permits the business professionals to access the required data without the need of an analyst team. In addition to that, Einstein leverages mobile and cloud technologies to present you with more powerful and more secure data. Einstein is designed for enabling the users to gain clear insights on any device and connect to all the required data from any place.

Salesforce Einstein is designed as a productivity tool that suits all the users and helps them to take definitive actions in Salesforce cloud. You may be a customer service rep, an account executive, or a marketing campaign manager, Salesforce Einstein’s embedded analytics:

  1. Empowers all end users.
  2. Eases your “looking for data” process by bringing data to you.
  3. Integrates insights into the business flow processes.
  4. Provides predictions to facilitate correct and confident actions.
  5. Provides an intelligent customer experience.
  • Einstein for your Sales team-

Einstein consists of Artificial Intelligence developed specially for the sales team and thus enables them to work smarter. Adding AI to Sales Cloud Einstein can be seen as giving your sales team their personal data scientist. It helps the Sales team at every step like picking up the ideal contacts, identifying hottest opportunities, etc.

  • Einstein as a benefit to the Organization-

For improving the sales of your organization the very basic rule is to give your sales team more time for sales by reducing the time they devote for data analysis. With the use of Sales Cloud Einstein, your sales team will not spend endless hours studying huge data to figure out best opportunities and identify leads. Einstein will automatically do this task at every stage of the sales process.

Sales Cloud Einstein is able to provide precise insights, recommendations, and insights in the following ways:

  • Einstein Activity Capture:

It connects the user’s calendar and emails to Salesforce thus enabling them to regain time. all the appointments that appear in the calendar get automatically added to the Salesforce. The need for re-entering or copy-paste the data in Salesforce gets eliminated by the use of Einstein.

  • Einstein Lead Scoring:

It studies the past deals and makes precise prediction and recommendation of the best deals that are likely to convert faster.

  • Einstein Opportunity Insights:

It tracks the deal to ensure it is on track and alerts the team if the deal gets on risk. It also suggests the steps that can maintain the speed of the sales cycle and improves the probability of winning the deal.

  • Einstein Account Insights:

It provides timely updates about the customer’s news, expansion and M&A activities. The sales team will save the time they otherwise spend in searching for the information about every customer that is required to enhance their relationship.


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  • Einstein Automated Contacts:

It automatically adds the contacts to the salesforce by reviewing the appointments and emails for picking up new contacts.

  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring:

It studies the facts of deal like its size, executive engagement, and client relationship etc. to identify, categorize and prioritize the ideal and most valuable opportunities.

  • Einstein Forecasting:

It understands, processes and evaluates important factors like past performance and seasonality to make precise and personalized sales forecasts.

  • Einstein Email Insights:

It can prioritize the inbox of the sales team and acts as an email assistant to them by identifying the most important emails from the bulk. It also suggests the required action to handle all the clients’ needs.

When the Sales Cloud Einstein is configured and implemented way, these above-mentioned tools will increase the sales productivity of your organization..

How to Implement Sales Cloud Einstein in Salesforce:

You cannot expect the best results from your sales team by just implementing the advanced Sales cloud Einstein. You need to adopt Salesforce to suit your organization for achieving optimum performance and productivity

The process of successfully implementing Salesforce CRM as per the needs of your organization requires the following process-

  • Reviewing the Business process:

Salesforce Einstein Implementation team should work with the client’s organization to get deep insights into the working of their Sales team. For this evaluation, you must be able to complete a readiness report.

  • Set up Sales Cloud Einstein:

You must optimize the configuration of Sales Cloud Einstein as per the organization’s requirements. For this, you must use the business process as the required groundwork and match your process.

  • Get Einstein Predictions:

Once setup successfully, the Einstein will start generating forecasts, recommended actions and predictions.

  • Provide Training and Support-

A very important segment in the successful implementation of Salesforce Einstein requires the provision of proper training and post-implementation support for the clients. You must be able to work with the client organization to verify competency and efficiency so that everyone receives the benefits of Salesforce Einstein.

As a Salesforce Einstein Implementation partner, you must ensure that Einstein is embedded into the day to day decision making of your client’s organization. This can be done as:

Data: It transforms, cleanses and enriches data needed for your industry.

Analytics: Provide features of Advanced modelling as well as fine-tuning your advanced analytics team having good domain expertise.

The Way Forward-

The point to keep in mind for being a successful Salesforce Einstein Implementation partner is to be able to make Einstein work smarter and quicker for your client’s sales team. Are you looking to implement Salesforce Einstein for your Organization? At Advanz101 we are experts in Salesforce Einstein implementation services.  We have executed many projects for our clients from USA, Australia, Canada and West Asia. For any queries, you can contact our expert team of Salesforce Developers or you can call us @ +1 (408) 471-9219.

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