Are you Applying Technology that Boost Your Sales?


Technological innovation can be an extraordinarily highly effective way to boost sales. For example, Many Companies are dealing with the Advanz101 Systems Pvt. Ltd. to boost their sales. We are Industry Expert especially- Software for Pharma, Software for Retail & Software for the manufacturing sector.

Currently, we are dealing with many Clients those are belonging to India & overseas. Recently we worked with Sync hem Pharma & they appreciate us for understanding their new business challenges faced and coming up with an effective solution.

Read on to find the methods to superpower your Sales through technology-

  •  Enrich Customer Contacts-

Most organizations use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system such as SalesForce, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM as a contact management tool. They may set up computerized e-mails to keep in exposure to leads and clients, but very few organizations make an approach to use CRM’s highly effective abilities. Take some time to set up your CRM system so you have the information you need at your convenience. Monitor your prospect’s personal passions so you can discuss them in your next discussion. Acquire information to build up emails that are designed to client passions. Set up analytics and track your company’s achievements in advancing clients to different levels of the sales pattern. You can do all this and more with CRM systems.

Customers expect to be able to access basic details themselves and then create initial choices without including revenue representatives. You may or may not like the pattern toward more educated buyers, but it’s a pattern that’s here to stay! Allow your clients and prospects to get the details that they need for making informed choices and do business with you.

  •  Make simpler Customer Communications-

Offer a collection of downloadable forms, detail sheets, online catalogues, etc. Provide technical details and guides on your site. Develop a Regularly Requested Question page online that actually details the questions that revenue representatives are usually asked. If you are concerned about providing too many details before a probability becomes a lead, consider hosting some components in a password-protected area of your site or request some private details before components can be downloadable.

  •  Develop Relationships-

People are far more likely to buy from someone whom they feel that they know and believe in. It’s hard to develop that individual relationship over the phone along with conferences might not always be practical, but web and video chat clip are excellent solutions. Skype, Apple iChat, WebEx, and numerous other online tools make web meeting, conferences affordable for even the actual businesses. Web and movie conventions provide an opportunity to put a face with a name, easily exchange questions, and create a relationship. Many web meeting, conference solutions include an ability so you can share your display screen with meeting members. This is the best way to give prospective customers an individualized review of your products or services.

  •  Personalize Presentations-

It’s so simple and inexpensive to develop the movie, Slide Share, PowerPoint Presentations, online records and even personalized webpage’s that there really is no reason for a “canned” demonstration to leads. Sales leads are looking for the products and services that best fulfil their individual needs. It is well worth your time to research their company, talk about their needs and then make personalized components that talk straight to them. If you are introducing components in person or via web/video conference meetings, interject yourself into the demonstration. Stop videos or PowerPoint and ask questions, talk about factors in depth and let you know that you are working together to provide a solution that is just right for the potential client.

  •  Increase Item sales Resources-

Imagine you are selling a very complicated product to an IT Industry. Are you going to be able to reply all of his or her questions? If not, you could find your company’s professional, have your call answered and pass on that response to the consumer OR you could simply set up a web meeting so your possibility could have a discussion straight with your topic professional. Technical sources allow several individuals your company to work together with a potential client and, eventually, near an acquisition.

  •  Maintain Get in touch with Throughout Lifecycle-

After an acquisition, your client will be using promotion for an average of three years. Assistance and relationship-building during this three year period will play an important role in whether you get to do it again business down the road. Check in with your client sometimes by cell phone to ensure that they are getting the support they need for promotion. Sustain contact through social networking and email. Send hyperlinks to video lessons, new white documents, and new web content that will add value to your connection with your client. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to use Marketo, Professional, and others.

  •  Overlap Item sales and Marketing-

Marketing divisions have typically been arrested for creating video clips, websites, security components, etc., while the sales agents took these power sources out in the market to improve their sales initiatives. This department of liability no longer works. Technological innovation has made it possible to create personalized components on the fly to reply to the specific needs of potential clients. Advertising and promotion need to work together to select know-how and art of the information that is best for individual leads.

  •  Give Field Force People what they Need-

It is simple to get so carried away by technology that we forget to ask for feedback from individuals who will be actually using it. Be sure to talk to your field sales individuals about the various sources that would help them get in touch with clients, monitor improvement and build sales. It may be that the CRM with all the gadgets is too complicated for them to use, or that they really could use the features on an iPhone in contrast to a Blackberry mobile phone. Perhaps an iPad is the ideal way to present material, or, like the Girl Scouts found in Oh, a Smartphone app can really help near sales. Take the time to study your own sales agents before making a plan to use technology to superpower the sales.

At the end, I would say if you would apply these technologies to your business, it would definitely help to grow your business. We at Advanz101 are providing complete business solutions for any Industry. A101SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a complete product which can easily boost your Salesforce, it helps manage your complete sales division by delivering- Call Reports, Tour Program, Stock Statements and Mobile App with GPS tracking System, CRM Activities, and Expenses.

If you are also striving to manage your Salesforce and looking complete business solutions, you must contact us with your queries and suggestions. We would love to hear from you. For more information, visit: or Mail Us @ or Call Us for USA + 1- 408 471 9219 India +91-9755633444, 07314274230.

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