Best Marketing Automation Practices to Improve Lead Quality


If you are in a business to sustain long-term profits, you have to grow your customer base every year clockwise, in order to make more revenue and profits down the line. The most basic way to grow your base is to assemble a hard-working sales team but if you are looking forward to results that are almost guaranteed; then the best way to do it is to ensure you have High-Quality Leads by your disposal, on which the sales team will ultimately work upon. So how you could use this strategy to improve the quality of your leads for Faster Client Conversion Rates? Well, read on.


Integrated CRM System-

You need an integrated CRM System to keep a close track on leads that you are allotting to your sales team. The system with CRM and MA capabilities will help you create an effective Lead Scoring Strategy while giving you real-time information on the vital areas as well. Having a CRM System is the best way to handle data from the leads and it is especially important for enterprises that are small and are looking forward to expanding.


Leads Based On Demographic Data-

When you combine data from a specific location that you are targeting, it helps you to get the traffic at your portal from the segment you want to focus upon. Including location in the scoring model will allow you to filter out only those leads that you want the information from and thus, you will be available to sync all the related info on the MA Solution System when the leads are scored by the sales team accordingly.


Behavioural Lead Scoring-

Keeping a close track on the traffic will help you score leads based on the interest of individuals visiting your webpage. For example, if someone visits your portal and goes through the section of products or services, then you will get the idea on which specific area that customer has an interest and thus a lead can be scored with relevant information that can be further passed for the appropriate action. Behavioural Lead Scoring also allows scoring more points based on the Customer Patterns than for Demographics.


Directly Collaborating With Sales Team-

The sales team are always in direct contact with the Customer Base and as they have conversations with prospective clients all day long, they understand them more than anyone in the company would. Getting inputs from the sales team will help you fine-tune your system to score leads, which will also help you strategically align the work between CRM and Sales teams.


Lead scoring is not difficult, provided you have a CRM system and you take right care of all the steps involved in the process. Having good leads for the sales team will give you Faster Conversion Times and Rates, leading to clockwise growth in your business.


If you are able to strategically master the art of creating a lead scoring mechanism, it is surely going to empower your business and will make your sales touch new heights.

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