Software an Assistant or Master?


In this age of Information Technology, all of us agree that business intelligence software is vital to improving our organization’s operational efficiency and we try to adopt them. But, do we get desired/expected results. We try to adopt a BI system assuming that it will assist us, but what we get are some strict protocols in using it or else the famous saying Garbage-in Garbage-out.

  1. Some of the common pain points in software adoption are:-
  2. Your people do not make master/transaction entries properly.
  3. Your reports are very slow, it demotivates the user.
  4. Reports are very tough to interpret and are inconclusive most of the time.
  5. Inability to access reports, when mobile.
  6. Everything is well but people just don’t use software.

I strongly feel that Software developers must keep these points in mind and develop applications which are user-friendly, and try to assist the user in all possible ways.

Points to be taken care are:-

  1. The reports should be self-explanatory, easy to understand
  2. Graphs / Pictures should be used instead of text.
  3. To investigate anything further, interaction with reports should be possible.
  4. The advantages of Data analysis / Business Intelligence should not be constrained to logging in and exploring a bunch of reports. There should be proactive alerts which should be delivered to users mobile phone.
  5. No duplication of entries should be required at any level.

While dealing with SME sector, I came across many situations where I observed that although, management invested in good technology, but the product could not deliver desired value. I invite all to share their views and concerns and any suggested solution if any.

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