Feature Comparison SugarCRM v/s SalesForce CRM


SalesForce & SugarCRM both are the market leaders in the field of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)based Companies.They both are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and both are alternatives to traditional, Microsoft-based technologies. However, sugar originated with Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stacks, whereas SalesForce is mainly through Java/Oracle.

Both suppliers offer a range of impressive features to encourage Clients to make the most revenue and develop the best connections, as well as link up internally within the Organization. They both are promising to increase sales and build healthy relationships with customers. Salesforce Application is afflicted with an automobile of being expensive, but SugarCRM does not have the cachet that SalesForce offers.

Let’s take a look at how the two vendors stack up

Core FeaturesSugar CRMSalesForce CRM
Pricing w/12 Month ContractSugar Enterprise, $40/user/moProfessional, $75/user/mo
Max # of UsersUnlimitedUnlimited, 5000 Chatter profiles included
TrialFree 7-day trialFree 14-day trial
On-Premise/HostedHosted or on-premiseHosted
Data Storage60 GB for data or documents1 GB
File Storage60 GB for data or documents11 GB
Mobile AppiOS, Android, BlackBerryiOS, Android, BlackBerry
Email TemplatesYesYes
Mass EmailsYesYes
Lead CaptureYesYes
Lead ScoringYesYes
Document AttachmentsYesYes
Maximum Size of Documents to Upload30 MB5 MB
Content LibraryYesYes
Task TrackingYesYes
Multiple Campaign ManagementYesYes
Workflow AutomationYesNo
Opportunity TrackingYesYes
Multiple CurrencyYesYes
Sales ForecastingYesYes
Social CRMTwitter, Facebook, LinkedInChatter
Web-to-lead CaptureYesYes
Standard DashboardsYesYes
Customizable DashboardsYesYes
Standard ReportsYesYes
Custom ReportsYesNo
Order ManagementNoNo
Role PermissionsYesYes
Territory ManagementNoYes
Competitor TrackingNoYes
Quote ManagementYesYes
Google/Gmail IntegrationYesYes
Microsoft/Office IntegrationYesYes

Let’s have a look at SugarCRM v/s SalesForce’s comparative features-

Deployment Methods-

With SugarCRM, you can drag and drop modules around to personalize them and re-size any available column. With Salesforce, modules are managed from behind the scenes by the administrative board. SugarCRM is open-source, for example, any designer is having access to the source code sugar is designed for (thus they can develop the source code).

Developers can make their own integration in PHP with Sugar (the web’s most-taught language). Meanwhile, although SalesForce can be just as personalized, it is not open-source and is written in APEX (an exclusive language). This means that a more compact team of designers can personalize Salesforce (only those that know APEX), making a personalized deployment much more cost-effective in SugarCRM. Developing APIs in Salesforce can only be done within the factors of their closed-source language.

Use of Mobile App

Salesforce acts a bit better than SugarCRM in their mobile editions, which you realized for a more expensive. Sugar’s mobile client is not as good as Salesforce, but because it is light and portable (written in PHP), it can be used on any mobile phone and it is completely free. We’re still going to give Salesforce the advantage of mobile customers but at an extremely high cost.

SugarCRM v/s. Salesforce Pricing-

SugarCRM Professional Edition = $40/user/month

Salesforce Professional Edition  =    $75/user/month

SugarCRM Enterprise Edition =    $65/user/month

Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Edition  =     $150/user/month

SugarCRM Ultimate Edition =    $150/user/month

Salesforce Lightning Unlimited Edition  =     $300/user/month

Use of Social CRM

One of the new ways that business is enhancing is through the use of Social media. SugarCRM combines with Citrix, Go To Meeting for online conference meetings, and combines with Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Lotus. It is made to take content published to several Social media sites and move that information to SugarCRM.

SalesForce also can connect to social media & it has inbuilt features to connect to Google Apps or connecting users with their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google and managing their account contacts. SalesForce also has “chatter” which is used to implement a company work culture and manage your feeds about important notification of sensitive data. Anything published on Chatter can be seen by others internally, but it is not open to the public. It is used to share files, give details about an upcoming meeting, or even talk about a big sale. Like Facebook or myspace, you have private information and wall posts, computer file sharing, and field activities.


SugarCRM and  SalesForce are both outstanding options for CRM. It is depending on business needs, Every business has different-different needs & according to that need, a businessman must understand which is the best CRM option for them. If you’d like more information on either item, Our CRM professionals can easily assist you in choosing which option would be best for your business.

If you are planning to outsource Sugar CRM Development Services or SalesForce Development Services or you want to hire the full-time dedicated Sugar CRM Developers or Salesforce Developer by having an extended Sugar/Salesforce CRM Development Team with us, you are at the right place!  Call us at +1-4084719219 or feel free to reach us at info@advanz101.com, we would be happy to answer your questions.

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