Heroku and Magentrix - The Healthcare Data Engagement tools


CRM plays a very crucial role in healthcare industries to manage, organize and coordinate care in new and innovative ways. The idea is for Customer Relationship Management Systems to increase patient engagement and relationship management for organizations that are expected to increase dedication, create a more reliable partnership, and increase patient satisfaction. Research continues to support the effects of individual communication, which can lead to improvements in physical, mental, and serious disease health outcomes. However, healthcare has been overdue to consider CRM Systems and service models, and as a result, patients often feel confused in aiming to navigate the complexities of the collective systems.


Salesforce Health Cloud is specially designed for one to one relationship management through a patient profile that integrates multiple data with wearable. Health cloud enables secure collaboration among members of the caregiver network. With the help of these network patients can view care plans, can easily connect health providers, find answers to common questions and fill out forms for appointments to save time.


“Salesforce has continued to build momentum in the healthcare space, and it’s not surprising that it’s also leveraging its partner ecosystem and Internet of Things investments to deliver additional value,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP of research at Nucleus Research.


Key advantages of Salesforce Health Cloud


  •  A complete view of patient data for easy access to the right patient information, from current conditions and medications to specialists and appointment history.
  •  Deeper patient engagement, with the ability to prioritize tasks across all a patient’s needs, connect with caregiver networks, create a customized care plan.
  •  Real-time patient engagement through private Salesforce Communities, allowing caregiver networks and patients to share secure messages anytime, and anywhere.

SFDC Health cloud is being more popular among the tech-savvy patient base. According to salesforce.com, 71 percent of millennial want doctors to provide mobile app solution to support active engagement in health management and around 63 percent want to be able to send data from wearable devices to their doctors.


There are many companies which use Salesforce Health Cloud and integrating other platforms and technology as per their requirements. Heroku and Magentrix are more popular and cost effective too.


Heroku is basically a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps data. It is the fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches by following HIPPA Compliances.


Magentrix integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce to maintain a single corporate data source and give you complete control over permissions. Leverage the growing list of 3rd party applications that extend your community or use the RESTful API to integrate your own.

With these integrations, we helped our client to transfer patients real time data by connecting any IoT device to server and sync all the data through magentrix in real time to track all the activities. It also facilitates the users to use Salesforce assets to manage devices and assign devices to the patient account. The Storing of IoT data in the custom object and assign to the patient is also a part of this project.


If you are also looking for such out of the box integrations, we are experts in providing all kind of customization and implementation solutions using health Cloud and other platforms too. We have done many projects so far for our clients in California, Florida, Texas, Alaska, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington and many more. For more details, please write us as @ info@advanz101.com



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