Salesforce Integration with MailChimp


MailChimp a permission-based email marketing tool when integrated with Salesforce enables you to engage with your customer base easily along with it, you can share your data easily and amalgamate your communication.

This integration enables you to focus on your leads and contacts and it syncs the data between MailChimp and Salesforce. The integration provides a special feature to Salesforce users which enable them to build queries so as to add leads of Salesforce, Contacts, person accounts, and members for the campaign to the list of MailChimp on the basis of specific Salesforce field data.

Integration with MailChimp provides facility to create leads which help MailChimp subscribers to create Salesforce leads when data synchronization is on, also it Updates Salesforce based on MailChimp activity.

Major Features, you will get benefited from Salesforce integration with MailChimp-

  •  Manage MailChimp subscribers from Salesforce leads, contacts, and list views.
  •  Upload MailChimp subscribers as Salesforce leads.
  •  Sync MailChimp lists to map Salesforce fields to MailChimp merge variables.
  •  Sync leads and contacts from Salesforce to MailChimp.
  •  Create custom lead, contact, and campaign member queries that run daily or even hourly.
  •  Manage MailChimp data storage options in Salesforce.
  •  See subscriber detail and full MailChimp activity.
  •  View MailChimp campaign reports and campaign share reports from within Salesforce.
  •  Add custom MailChimp fields and Visualforce pages to the Contact and Lead pages.


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You will be Stay more connected than ever using Salesforce to MailChimp-

  •  Manage MailChimp subscribers from Salesforce leads, contacts, and list views.
  •  Track the total number of subscribers to your newsletters.
  •  Track progress on your most recent email campaigns.
  •  Salesforce contact and lead details synced to MailChimp.
  •  Never have to manually true up your lists again.
MailChimp has a new way to sync Salesforce CRM for optimal targeted marketing. Advanz101 provide a fully integrated solution for Salesforce to MailChimp, contact and lead data, between Salesforce to MailChimp. Give your small business an edge with Salesforce integration to MailChimp. For any query write us @, We would love to answer your query!
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