How is Sales Force Automation(A101SFA) Software Solving Specific Problems of the Pharma, FMCG, Retail Industries?


Sales Force Automation(A101SFA) is a complete software to manage sales force for FMCG,Pharma and Manufacturing Industries. We are experts in providing Sales force Management solutions since more than a decade. Our software helps field force to update field activities like Call Reports, Tour Program, Stock Statements, CRM Solutions, and Expenses & Many more features which work on real time basis.

Let’s understand how A101SFA is solving explicit problems of the companies, we have taken live examples to understand it better, let us get right into it.


Primary Sales Growth-  One of our FMCG client from central India was facing a very common problem of the sales channel. When they track the activity of their field executives on day to day basis, numbers look encouraging but when they analyze the same after monthly sales closing, the results get mediocre. With help of available data points and analytics in our software, we identified town wise booking which got lost due to non-supply. Also in some towns if orders were received for say 7 SKU’s supplies were made only for 4 to 5 available SKUS, such cases were also identified and sorted. A ready report of Probable primary sales indicating closing stock at town after accounting orders booked was a big gainer for our client.


Joint Working- Companies which have Salespeople hierarchy working in the field (for example FMCG companies or Pharma companies), managers/ seniors tend to do joint working most of the days with one junior or another. While joint working is important but excess of this has obvious disadvantages. Territory coverage is reduced as two persons work in one town so some other towns are left unattended. At the same time, juniors do not get the independent arena to show their performance. To make joint working really effective, we have a provision called “objective of the day” in our tour program. When managers were asked to define the objective of joint working, soon a trend was observed that joint working got reduced and spread of covered towns increased. Companies realize that by adding this feature, the productivity of managers is surprisingly increased as their objectives are very much clear in form of a to-do list.   


Actionable Alerts- Generating sales is a complex requirement and requires 360° coverage of many attributes. Normally clients can focus only on few attributes and do not get desired results. In Actionable alerts of A101SFA, we cover many important attributes like Tour Program, Visited, not visited towns and retailers, SKU’s which are being promoted and SKU’s which are getting missed, display of POP material, keeping a track of available stock at dealer point etc. 

When such information is made available for all users at the right point of  time, it helps a lot for everyone to improve.  With the help of these alerts, the company started focusing on a wider range of attributes and they realized that they were escaping a big business opportunity.

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