How Key Advantages Of Healthcare CRM is Going To Change Your Business Strategies ?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is built to maintain the relationship with the existing customers as well as nurturing new leads. It provides you with a 360 view of clients. CRM allows you to maintain complete records of your customers and on basis of that you can easily find out which customer is loyal to you. “A Loyal customer is always Royal” for your business as their probability of placing repeat orders are around 40-60% more than a new lead.

If you are a company, that is into multiple businesses, CRM is an indispensable tool for your business. To maintain database is very important for any business, with the help of the CRM you can easily filter your clients on the basis of their profile, purchasing power, their interest, living standard and taste etc. Nowadays companies are integrating Social platforms as well on their CRM to get engaged their customers with the brand. It helps you to understand client’s behaviour, hobbies too apart from above mention things. On the basis of that, you can judge and suggest them products or services which are really important for them so that they may be interested in buying it.

CRM legitimately helps you to generate leads for different business groups. You can easily pitch to the existing clients for your other business products and services too. If your customers are loyal to your brand then most probably they will get engaged with your other products/services also as they already convinced with your brand equity.

How can you generate leads for your other businesses from existing customers?

1.      Categorize your existing client through Lead Management tool– If you are going to use your client’s data for other services then it is really important to filter your client’s data as per their Demography, geography, income, behavioural etc.

With the help of lead management tool, you can easily filter your client. These tools allow all the filters and you can also customize the data as per your requirements.

2.      Sending an Emails/SMS through campaign Management Tool- Once you have filtered your data as per your business requirement, you can easily target customers by sending them other product or services related emails or SMS.

CRM allows you to manage your campaign by integrating any of the campaign management tools like MailChimp, Marketo, send grid, constant contact and many more.

3.      Use your brand loyalty to convince the client- It would be very easy for you if you are targeting known client as you know everything about your client requirements by your existing CRM System. Meanwhile, you can pitch your client easily using connected speech because clients are already using your brand and they are emotionally connected to your company.

4.      Customer Engagement Program- Customer engagement programs are indispensable for any organization which is holding multiple businesses. For Example, if you own a fitness centre and you are also into the business of hotels then you can make a company’s privilege customer card and customers can get special discount on availing other venture’s services.

5.      Additional privileges to loyal customers – People love the VIP treatment. If you are into multiple businesses then you can give additional privilege to your loyal customers by providing them reward points and discount offers on every spend they do. Companies can provide privilege card to the loyal customers so they can get extra care and feel delighted.

6.      Group Discounts/ Offers- If buying something is considered to be the pinnacle of engagement then encouraging group buying among friends (for cumulative discounts, etc) might be a still better idea. Many companies are doing a tremendous job of revitalizing group buying and it’s a trend that’s definitely going to stay in the market.

7.      Mentions Customers to grow the business- Some customers like to see their name in lights. Recognition can make people feel special. Companies can run some gathering programs in that they can provide reward and recognition for loyal customers. Companies can mention their names with the help of social plugin in CRM so that other customers will also get motivated to turn from customers into loyal customers.

Hence it is obvious that you can use data asset of your own one company very effectively for cross-promotion of other group companies. If you find this opportunity worth exploring then do contact us. Get Instantaneous Business Insight over a quick exploratory call with our CRM experts and understand Loyalty management technical needs through a detailed GAP analysis with Advanz101 Business Systems.

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