Mobile Reporting Software for FMCG Industries an Opportunities and Challenges


There is a lot of buzz about the use of mobile in enterprises in emerging economies like India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Adapting mobile reporting is not a cake walk which has an only rosy side, it has its own share of challenges as well. For a successful implementation, it has to be a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Not only Management but also Field force and Supply chain should feel advantages of adopting new technology. Also, the advantages should be tangible with obvious results.


Following are some major opportunities /advantages and Challenges-
• Real-time reporting at Everyone in the channel, right from Market Rep (MR), his manager, Head office etc will be aware of the day’s activity at a real time. This ensures that the MR has not to note anything in duplicate and he reports his visits as and when it happens. No backlog for the evening.
• A tremendous reduction in Paperwork at In conventional sales channel, lots of reports and formats are expected to be filled by Market Reports. It also includes the filing of same information multiple times. In mobile reporting, maximum efforts are put to best use available data making sure that none of the entry is to be noted duplicate/ triplicate times. Many of the formats get auto populated.
• Stockiest gets information on the real time at the orders booked by MR from various retailers can be routed to stockiest on real time. This enables supply chain to deliver goods faster with an improved operational efficiency. Both these points lead to cost reduction.
• Alerts delivery In form of Mobile reporting, field force is empowered with a virtual assistant, who keeps on churning information and extracting valuable information for MR. These information’s are sent in the form of meaningful Alerts to MR without an intervention of anyone else. These alerts help MR in improving their operational efficiency.
• Incentive calculation, MR can keep a better track of their incentive status and put required efforts to jump to the higher slab of incentive before month/quarter end. This results in a self-motivated sales team, which is the biggest asset of any Marketing company.
• Expense auto calculation, Expenses are auto calculated as soon as activities are recorded in form of call reports
• Every sales person should have a smartphone.
• Resistance to change, lotThe sales team is habitual of sending paper reports, which give a lot of flexibility and they have to send their reports typically once in three days, while in mobile reporting, the call is expected to feed as it happens. This calls for resistance from few field persons.
• Retailer’s list is not available in soft form. Many companies assume that they have the full list of their retailer network, but in fact, it is available in the hard form in form of assorted day reports. Most of the companies do not have well-organized retailers list in a soft form.
With the growing cost of filed persons and increasing competition, it is very important to adopt new technology as soon as possible. This will improve operational efficiencies to a great extent.
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