Using ChatGPT to the Advantage of Salesforce

Using ChatGPT to the Advantage of Salesforce

From businessmen to lawyers, customer representatives, even students, everyone-everywhere is abuzz with one name, ChatGPT.  ChatGPT the revolutionary chatbot from OpenAI has taken the global service sector and marketplace by storm. It is estimated to have reached 100 million active monthly users and is growing as you read this. According to a recent study by UBS AG, ChatGPT has become the fastest growing consumer application in history!

The SaaS landscape can already feel the reverberations of the wildly popular app with many techpreneurs using ChatGPT to write business plans that will help them build a SaaS startup, including the DOs and DON’Ts of running a SaaS business. Simultaneously, research is on to find the possibilities of using generative AI like ChatGPT to improve a product’s UX. At the moment, there is no ChatGPT API that can be plugged into an app, although OpenAI does offer APIs for other models.

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To reiterate, ChatGPT has been trained to speak with the user in an interactive conversational way, admit where it is falling short in answering the queries, and challenge incorrect contexts and premises. Let’s explore its potential uses within and for Salesforce.

  1. ChatGPT can consolidate any information in a jiffy, for example if you as a Salesforce organization are writing a business proposal and need to convey the importance of Salesforce Sales Cloud, ChatGPT will gather the necessary information that needs to go on your proposal and present it as an answer to you and generally speed up the documentation process.
  2. If you have some knowledge of Salesforce Development and getting started with it, you can request ChatGPT to provide you with Apex examples, like so
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3. One of the hallmarks of ChatGPT is its conversational tone that explains things and responds like a human would. It can also be used to write code, for example it can be asked to generate a Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Code. It is also used to create Apex Triggers for generic as well as specific use cases.

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Given the easy availability of public code for the Salesforce platform, it will generally take fewer attempts to get the desired code. The app can also be used to generate an AMPscript.

4. As we understand, the app cannot be used to create a flow or any declarative result as the answer is presented as text, but it can definitely be used to create an XML (Extensible Markup Language) that is generated from that very declarative action, like creation of objects or fields.

To sum up, ChatGPT is without a doubt an amazingly powerful tool and pretty much create something out of nothing but it is not a replacement for experience. Marc Benioff, co-founder and CEO of Salesforce has humoured the never-before-seen buzz around the app and teased with some tweets on a probable plan for ChatGPT like Generative AI for Salesforce in the near future, calling it EinsteinGPT. ChatGPT for Salesforce has immense potential from writing code to answering complex Salesforce questions, let the exploration begin!

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