Salesforce Customer 360 Benefits: A Comprehensive View 

Salesforce Customer 360 Benefits: A Comprehensive View 

As per State of the Connected Customer Report, 85% of customers expect to have consistent interactions across teams/departments of a business. But, in actual scenarios 60% say that it generally feels like they are communicating with different teams as silos and not one unified brand identity or a composite business. 

Salesforce Customer 360 resolves this by serving as an integrated CRM platform connecting different teams within a business along with customer data. It gives a single shared view of customers and clients like a circle of information about a business’ customers with the customer as the epicenter.  

An overview of Salesforce Customer 360 benefits – 

  • All teams on one platform 
    Salesforce Customer 360 ensures that customer data from every step of the interaction journey and touchpoint is collated in one place. This leads to building of personalized experiences and long lasting trusted relationships. 
  • Enhances efficiency of Sales teams 
    Every interaction becomes substantial with a complete and transparent view of all leads. As Sales Cloud controls the entire sales pipeline, automating the daily tasks for them to carve out time for focusing on selling is one of the hallmark functionalities/benefits of Salesforce Customer 360.  
  • A truly mobile platform 
    One major feature to know about Salesforce Customer 360 is that it is a completely mobile platform that allows a business’ teams (across the length and breadth of the organization) to work towards the vision and goals of the firm to achieve entrepreneurial success.  
  • Marketing Teams get more cost-effective 
    Marketing Cloud helps with centralising customer data and creates a deeply familiar experience for a business’ clientele. Additionally, with live campaign data streaming in because of Customer 360, a business owner or marketing manager can exactly see what marketing assets customers are engaging with and finance them specifically in real time. This will make the marketing strategy a lot more effective and shall optimize the budget. 
  • More personalized Customer Service 
    During instances involving a customer reaching out to the service team for a conflict/issue resolution, the service team doesn’t have to enquire the customer about their purchase details. With Service Cloud as an intrinsic part of Customer 360 the sales representative can easily access the information the sales team gathered when the purchase took place. This way the customer’s issue can be resolved at the earliest. 
  • Multiply benefits by adding more apps 
    The best part being that Customer 360 can be customized to the minutest details as per a respective business requirement with the help of applications catering to different business functions and all kinds of industries. For example, adding Tableau will give real-time analytics, MuleSoft will enable data integration from a variety of sources into a CRM. 

To summarize, Customer 360 makes collaboration across teams a piece of cake. With it being in the cloud, teams can work from anywhere resulting in an improved time to ROI, enhanced efficiency and productivity, and exceeding ROI expectations. If you are eager to climb the success ladder and want your companies to work as one then reach out to us on 

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