Casestudy on SuiteCRM Implementation to Manage Customer Engagement Process

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Casestudy on SuiteCRM Implementation to Manage Customer Engagement Process

Project Overview

A centralized CRM application was built for customer service team to manage outbound and inbound calls. Teams can use the system to record and track orders, invoices, payment. Future decision making was enhanced by generating analytical reports out of the database.

Business Challenges

  • Existing ERP solution was not producing the desired results
  • Centralized CRM platform was needed to support the customer engagement process
  • Inquiries generated through email/website were not being addressed as there was no system to store, search and prioritize them
  • Existing customer’s complaints & issues were not recorded and addressed resulting in poor customer satisfaction
  • No capability to track Orders, Invoices & Payments
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Proposed Solutions

Tools: QuickBooks, Asterisk, Jaspersoft TIBCO
Programming Language: JAVA/PHP
CRM Platform: Suite CRM
Database: MySQL
Web Server: Apache Tool
Team Size: 4
Implementation Model: Agile
Engagement Model: Onsite/Offshore

  • Suite CRM was implemented to support customer engagement, orders, invoices and payments
  • Integration of Asterisk with Suite CRM to track and manage the outbound & inbound customer calls.
  • Integration of QuickBooks with Suite CRM to manage & track payment statuses
  • Jaspersoft tool integration with Suite CRM to analyze the historical orders, invoices to take profitable actions and increase ROI


  • Customer calling facility from one centralized application i.e., Suite CRM
  • Tracking Orders, Invoices & Payments in a single system
  • Efficient platform to manage the customer engagement process
  • Reduce manual work and human errors

Work was performed quickly and efficiently with very prompt and clear communication. I would have no hesitation in using the service again.

RC Koch
Chief Operating Officer
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