Gain Business Insights with Top 10 CRM Reports


Businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to get to know their customers, understand their buying behaviour and to know customer loyalty. But if you are not running the right reports, you may not get  an accurate picture of who your customers are, which products or services they like and don’t like, and which ones are the most profitable. Your customer relationship management (CRM) solution is a powerful data gathering tool that gives you full visibility into your sales activities. Built-in reporting functionality helps your company analyze this information and use it for data-driven sales decision making. However, you run into a situation where you have too many report options available in your CRM. Here are a few of the most useful reporting types in your application.

Sales Forecast Report : The ‘Sales Forecast’ report allows you to compare your expected sales to your actual sales. It gives the insight about  the total value of won opportunities + the weighted value of open opportunities. This report gives you the  Sales forecasts insight  for the month, quarter, year, etc. Sales forecasts report help you make winning strategies and reflect on your organization’s & sales team’s pros and cons.

Sales Revenue per Account :  This report enables you to get an in-depth look at the sales revenue with each account. You can filter this by industry, the account owner, the assets used during the conversion process and other refinements. This information helps you identify your top accounts, shared attributes and whether you’re missing the mark with a particular market segment.

Lead Sources Report : Which lead sources bring you the best opportunities? The marketing department brings in potential customers with a variety of tactics, from premium content, cold calling, email marketing to advertising campaigns. These reports helps you to get a top-level view of your best performing leads, where they come from and whether you can scale up to a higher quantity.

Lead Stage Valuation Report : This report lets you know which leads are in what stage of your sales pipeline so you can craft your plan of action for respective sections of your sales cycle. You can also get more lead reports sales person-wise, product-wise, branch-wise, region-wise, etc. to help you make informed decisions.

Team Activity Report : Do you know exactly what your sales team is doing on a day-to-day basis? This report gives you insight into how they spend their time, from prospect contacts to their ability to meet a quota. You can drill down into this information to discover the differences between your top performers and those lagging behind, as well as historical trends for the entire team.

Sales Pipeline Reports : Everyone looks at the pipeline, how many deals are in the works, What they don’t look at are how many deals, as they go out in time, moved down in priority or moved down in value since the last time they looked.” That’s why sales pipeline reports are  important because it shows you what deals were in the pipeline two months ago compared to last month and this month. You can get an actual picture of your pipeline and potential revenue and profits with Sales pipeline reports.

Customer Satisfaction Report : The Customer Satisfaction CRM Report reveals which product or service gets the highest and lowest levels of customer satisfaction. This report is important because it shows you which products customers really like and which ones they don’t. You may have a product that to you is mediocre, but your customers love it. And even though you are not making much money on it, it’s bringing in customers and gaining customer loyalty, which is critical, so you may not want to discontinue it, or at least not right away.

Content Usage Report : You deal with many content assets in sales, but many companies fail to track which ones do the best with their customer segments. This report type examines how often content pieces get used for lead nurturing and qualification, the number of prospects interacting with the content and the attributed conversion rates. You can expand upon your best assets and remove those that under-perform consistently.

Customer Loyalty Report : The Customer Loyalty CRM Report tells you which products your repeat customers buy the most. The report is an important tool for sales and marketing because repeat customers have much lower marketing and sales costs than first-time customers, and it can help you attract more profitable customers.

Custom Reports : Sometimes the built-in CRM reports don’t give you the insights you need. Most solutions offer a custom report style with multiple filters allowing you to pull the data you choose. This flexibility gives you better visibility into the unique needs of your sales team.

Your CRM isn’t just a tool for the sales team to keep up with their leads. It also gives you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through the data you collect throughout your funnel. Use these reports to improve your business processes, boost your conversion rates and optimize your employee performance.

It is always helpful to go back and analyze what brought more deals to a closure. As you ponder over it, you may come across a lot of questions. Do you have such questions and you want a free consultation on CRM Software and reports generated through CRM systems to help your marketing professionals and sales executives get a better handle on customer relationship management and profit maximization? Or If you need any help in generating reports, feel free to write to us at or call us @ +1408 471 9219.

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