What CRM solutions do Event Management Companies Prefer ?


Every business process is unique and different from the other and there cannot possibly be one software that works for s them all. This is why users around the world use different types of CRM best suited  for their need. They also get it customised for further improvement in KRA’s related to  their unique business processes.

Event management domain is one such domain with its specific wish list as Event marketing & promotions, Attendees management, registration set-up and management , Event  analytics etc which makes it different than many other verticals. Event technology is the one tool that can help event organizers to drive business innovation while wowing attendees, and event management software is a key component of event technology.

   What is the best event registration software ?

   The  answer is: there is no one size fits all answer. The best platform is the one that fits with your overall event goals and operations, provides you with the greatest flexibility to register event goers, while giving you tools to actually increase registrations in addition to managing them.

There are a number of factors event professionals must consider when choosing an Event management CRM platform for you events. Here are a few factors which Smart event management companies looks for to leverage an event CRM software to drive sales revenue :

 Attendees Engagement capability : Pre-sales is very important as it’s about prospecting, qualifying and nurturing leads. Every time you start a conversation, be it an email, a message, a Facebook comment, etc., you will want to record it and evaluate the sales-readiness of the attendee.

 Easy access to information : There should be a data center that sales people and marketing people can access. For example keeping a list of all the events that each of your client has attended will help sales executives to engage in an intelligent conversation with their client, with cloud-based CRM platforms, these kind of information is always available.

   Market your events more easily than ever : For any event organizer interested in event registration features, increase event attendees and sell more passes should be a focus. Viral registration features allows organizers to turn event attendees into references by making it easy for them to share your event with friends via email, or on social media.

   Easy Event Registration Set-up: There should be an easy method through which organizers build an event registration process for attendees. This involves creating ticket types, allocating processing fees, building a registration form, and designing the confirmation email that registrants receive afterward.

   Access Rich Event Analytics  : True understanding of an event CRM comes from being able to analyze data. Using an all-in-one event management platform with all event processes modules built-in, means all of your event critical data is in one place, making it simple to see valuable insights that can help you to better understand your events.

 Advantage to Exhibitors : With integrated exhibitor module in the CRM one can offer the exhibitors the important details related of visitors to their niche offerings like personal details of the visitors, their purpose of visiting, their professional needs and buying trends in previous events etc., this can help exhibitors to maintain a healthy relationship with the visitors on their visit to the booth and in pre/post follow-ups.

 Integration capability with social platforms : Being able to just collect attendee information, and providing a ticket to be collected at check-in, It should have the capability of integration with different social platforms. Using social media integrations, these systems can actually encourage those who have just registered to your event, to recommend it to their friends. In this way organizers can provide a double-sided referral incentive to event registrants so that they receive a discount for every new person whom they share a special promotional link.

 Revenue Monitoring and Payment processing : This key feature allows organizers to monitor event ticket sales, or event registrations, giving them a feel for the overall health of an event. This way, they are able to see how a event is performing right away, allowing them to take faster decisions to increase ticket sales or registrations. Also there should be a number of different payment processing options from older solutions such as PayPal to newer advanced solutions such as Stripe.

 Since revenue generated from event or ticket sales plays such a key role in the overall success of an event, choosing the right platform is equally important. Organizers should try to select a platform that offers Embedded Widgets/Templates to create an event website, it should be robust and fast enough to save time and efforts of managing relationships with many different vendors, so that organizers can focus on the important parts of planning an event, like improving attendee experience. Other factors to keep in note are easy to use, real-time monitoring and the quality of customer support .

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